Mistaken Identity

“OUCH!” A burning pain exploded in my shoulder.

I stare blankly as the cold trickle of blood seeped to stain my new denim jacket. The familiar rush swept through my head as my body began the slow healing process, tingling to ease the pain. My astonishment quickly turned to a building fury as I turned to face the gangly youth who stood holding the gun. He was trembling from head to toe, his extended arm and pistol leaping up and down. It was a miracle that he had hit me at all.

“You’re…” He stammered.

“Bloody Furious!” I growled. “What the hell did you do that for?”

“T…t…to …supposed to…kill …” Wide eyed, the youth’s fear hit me in palpable waves; the rancid stench of excessive sweat and acrid aftershave. Instead of exciting me, it only served to fuel my frustration.

“WHY?!” He visibly jumped as I bellowed.


“By hitting me in the shoulder?!”

“The book said….didn’t matter where…the metal…”

“Well it clearly didn’t work.” A strange itch lingered across my shoulder where the healing had re-sealed the wound, distracting me. I rolled my shoulders to stretch it, and noted how his eyes followed. “What metal?”


“Zinc?” I snorted. “What the hell good is Zinc?”

Scowling as I waited for an answer, I studied my attacker. His long limbs were clad in camouflage gear; useless Nottingham’ streetlights where the browns and greens contrasted with the concrete that surrounded us. Round his waist the holster for his pistol rested alongside a full leather pouch containing the rest of his unusual missiles. A logo stitched to the shoulder of his right arm caught my attention and I burst out laughing.

“Incompetent fool.”

Despite his fear, the boy straightened, a sense of pride taking offence.

“I’ll show you.” Taking a deep breath he straightened his arm and pulled the trigger.

The pain that burst across my chest eradicated my laughter, refuelling the fury at my assault.

“It’s silver you want for werewolves.” I snarl indicating the roaring wolf constrained by the red circle. “Zinc only serves to infuriate vampires.”

Mistaken Identity


Beccles, United Kingdom

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Another entry for the Star Twister79- Zinc

Yes, I know Arcadia…just rubbing it in…but this occured to me whilst driving, and I couldn’t help but laugh…I hope it has the same effect on others!

I guess for those that know my writing, the twist isn’t that obvious, but I thought I would give it (another) go.

I should point out that there are no guns being worn quite like this in Nottingham at the moment- but then again, there aren’t any…you’ll have to find out…lurking in the city either!

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