Sales push

So… with changing fortunes in FT work, I am taking the opportunity to change my direction.…

I trained to be an architect, and lost out to the recession. I After only 8 months unemployment (even then with sporadic temp/ bar work) I landed an administrative role that has kept me busy for the last six years… But I am not at heart an administrator – I need that creativity and variety that design can give.

So here is the plan.
*Try to find PT ‘regular’ work (ideally in an architectural, design or environmental field…. any one have any gaps :-D).
*Properly Develop, promote and benefit from the opportunities available through Redbubble. This will mean more playing with photography and other creations I can sell here.
*Explore the options for selling my work in shops (I’m taking some of my musical

Draft 2

Well…finally…second novel second draft is typed up! After battling extra levels of work, and oil covered pages, I have got there! Only eight more drafts to go. Just managed to get it done by my self imposed end of July deadline

Also a pity that for the second month I have missed my NYResolution competition entry goal…and considering that for the one I get regular up dates on was novel month! Grrr… ah well. Like buses, everything comes together doesn’t it?!

What a week

Well…at the tail end of last week I learned I have got myself a summer job in a theological college where I have previously worked…and I start in exactly a weeks time. Fabulous in terms of my fund, but a little more fraught then intended for my writing! I had hoped to finish the typing up of my second novel first so I could proof read and continue the editing process! I just need to sort out some disipline and a bit of routine in which to do so…(This may reduce my Redbubble time, but not my commitment to it…I shall find my routine and get on daily!)…

This week I have also intended to measure the house and garden whilst my parents area away so that I can make them a couple of images for their anniversary for October. This is already proving tricky on my own, and I have barely started, and w

Back Up, back up, back up

Another new years resolution that could be of great import I have now realised, is actually taking the time to get myself organised (a promise I made to myself on loosing my job that I have barely scratched the surface of), in arranging my files, clearing my external hard drive, and (of course) backing things up.…

As most probably could, or perhaps should admit to, I got lazy, and with the added misfortunae of limited funds for that extra back up device/s…haven’t got round to it.

However, I have just had a major shock and with pounding heart have realised the problem- I haven’t lost everything like I though I had, but have been jolted into buying that extra device, and some dvds.

Last week, I plugged my external hard drive (which actually became my off loading device, as I cleared things f

I'm back

For those of you who haven’t even noticed…I’ve not been on here for many months at all.…

The last three weeks because I have been avoiding my poor laptop like th plague, making the most of time off by relaxing (I had two weeks off) and then making the most of the fact I have been remarkably lucky in terms of getting a job, moving home and being exhausted.

Prior to that because I became thoroughly absorbed in my uni work, for the last few weeks of term, bowing down to the high level pressure that sixth year of university (and architectural at athat!) entails!

For those of you who are interested, I’ve attached a photograph of my final presentation (and can upload more, closer, images if requested).

So, now that I am back, I can start to pay more attention to group uploads, group competition

Ho much is too much?

Ok, question for you- how many pages of work is too much?

Now I have divided my profile page into groupings, and likewise for the bubble site, to hopefully make navigating the images less tedious than before- I know I have a lot of images up here and there are a lot of pages to scroll through. Yet it is currently my only gallery, and I still feel that some of the early stuff I showed is as good as my new work.

As the number of images equally effects the bubble site contents…I’m a little intrigued as to opinions.

I should point out that at the moment I have no time to really sort anyway (although I have just updated my bubble site).

Any thoughts would be useful I think.


Self exile

I’m afraid, due to the addiction I have for this beloved site, I’m going to have to ban myself from visiting for the next week, due to the fact I have already wasted far too much time investigating the fantastic works (And loosing myself in the worlds created by fantastic texts) when I should have been working. I have soooo much work to do by next Wed morning (UK time) that I can’t spare anything for here, sad as it is, because you are all too good and distracting!

So, if I don’t reply to comments, I’m sorry but I will get round to it, if I miss any fabulous work, sorry but I’m sure someone else will find it- and I will catch up next week.

Of course, that is if my will power is strong enough…

Passing time

added as a journal because that is what it is, but I hope the style is more entertaining…

They come, and they go, and I’m still sitting here, typing, thinking. Working away long into the night.

I long to be at home, curled in my bed, my music playing in both ears, without my broken headphones, my duvet wrapped round me, my fingers flying smoothly and swiftly over the keyboard I know, the keyboard I strangely miss. Not this random stranger, different each time I visit. I can lose myself in the passage of time at home, I can concentrate on little but my work, yet here there are so many distractions, so many interruptions that I can’t help but notice the time, slowly ticking away, the numbers in the bottom of the screen changing and different each time I look.

I don’t think I’d mind it if th

Fireworks group

Is there a group that I can’t seem to find on fireworks and celebrations? Or would anyone be interested in me setting one up- bareing in mind that I don’t have alot of time of thinking about challenges, moderation and that kind of thing?


Organising Finally

Well, having submitted about three (or is it four now?) of these entries promising a sort out, I have finally got round to it. I have removed about fifty photographs, to enable me to put new ones in my gallery. I want to try and keep my folio limited to 150 photos, so that viewers don’t get lost or bored, but trimming down is really hard! I am still 25 off my target, but really don’t want to remove some of them- either they have been favourited (Thank You king people!) or I really like them! Oh the dilema.

The photos I have removed are just hidden so if you particularly miss one, I can re-instate it.

So all thats left for me to do now is to upload more! I have a large selection, so even more tricky decisions. Its a hard life this one, is it not :-P.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait