I shall be away for the next week as I am endeavouring to cycle the TransPenine Trail in the UK – from Southport on the West Coast to Hornsea on the East. This is 215 miles (or there abouts) of opld railway tracks, river side paths and tow paths along canals. I’m hoping that this means reasonable terrain, even if I do have the Penines to cross!

Hopefully, there will be a journal to upload with some fascinating insights into my madness, and possibly some great photos too – although the weather isn’t looking great for this!

I won’t be around to comment on any of your incredible work – so please take it as reaed that I will! And likewise to thank any who comments on my own.

I shall see you all on the other side!

What a week

Well…at the tail end of last week I learned I have got myself a summer job in a theological college where I have previously worked…and I start in exactly a weeks time. Fabulous in terms of my fund, but a little more fraught then intended for my writing! I had hoped to finish the typing up of my second novel first so I could proof read and continue the editing process! I just need to sort out some disipline and a bit of routine in which to do so…(This may reduce my Redbubble time, but not my commitment to it…I shall find my routine and get on daily!)…

This week I have also intended to measure the house and garden whilst my parents area away so that I can make them a couple of images for their anniversary for October. This is already proving tricky on my own, and I have barely started, and w


Oh the irony, of logging on this morning to check my challenge, to discover that I have won the hosting group’s layers challenge. My first challenge win!

…however, because it was my challenge in the first place, I was asked (quite rightly and fairly I believe) to select the second place winner for the various linked tributes/ banner practice….

At least there is hope for another time, and it certainly made my morning! Especially when I figured out the clickable link instructions! lol


I’m sorry, this has to be done.

Third place in a twisted tales challenge! First challenge in which I’ve been placed (when there has been more than three entrants!) Ok, so this time there were four, but still.

Previous to this I came third in the Novel Ideas Sugar High competition…in October. (Out of three) but still a feature and a placing about which I am quite happy.

But whoop for Careful Selection


Challenge debate

Ok, so here is the ‘issue’.…

I am trying to enter the This is England ‘s group challenge on candid shots within England, and I have got a choice of two, that I am not sure which to enter (or indeed if there are legal issues with me doing so- due to one including a couple of children, which I had hoped didn’t catch their faces, but I think he must have turned.)

They are shown below, and if anyone has any thoughts…please comment!

The Gathering

Now because the first is taken within the arts and design academy at a level not open to the public- I do have permission to be within the building- I am equally unsure of the legalities of this.

Kings of the (luggage) castle

Hence, neither of these are for sale, despite the fact that I really like them as images!

Any thoughts would be much appreciat

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