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Has anyone come across the website Foxsaver? It is another image sharing site, and I happened upon when I did that search for my name google (everyone does it occassionally…right?!) and it turns out that my Willoughby Rooflight (by far and away my most popular image on here) is on that site.…

They seem to have taken all the information from the red bubble site- my name, my copyright note, redbubble’s KMorral watermark- and have linked back to the original Redbubble image, so that can’t be bad- more exposure, and even clicking on the image itself brings the viewer back to Redbubble… I’m just a little baffled (and the more I investigate I guess flattered) that it has got onto another website. If I had been asked I don’t think I would have a problem with it, as I say all the referencing/credi


My online visits are still sporadic at the moment as I try and organise my time- still working on that- and its a thrill to take a quick peek and notice a challenge win!

I;m highly flattered and complimented- and thrilled at the resulting feature- so any who voted has my deepest thanks. Onwards and (I hope) upwards from here on in.

My first- with chargrilled for the food for thought, so iI now have some inspiration to get a grips on how to make the most out of RB from this point forward!


I'm back

For those of you who haven’t even noticed…I’ve not been on here for many months at all.…

The last three weeks because I have been avoiding my poor laptop like th plague, making the most of time off by relaxing (I had two weeks off) and then making the most of the fact I have been remarkably lucky in terms of getting a job, moving home and being exhausted.

Prior to that because I became thoroughly absorbed in my uni work, for the last few weeks of term, bowing down to the high level pressure that sixth year of university (and architectural at athat!) entails!

For those of you who are interested, I’ve attached a photograph of my final presentation (and can upload more, closer, images if requested).

So, now that I am back, I can start to pay more attention to group uploads, group competition


Oh this is a good week- on here anyway (Stressful outside the world of redbubble)

Another feature, this time in the shapes and patterns group for by far my post popular image- Willoughby rooflight.

Thanks very much! :-D


I’m sorry, this has to be done.

Third place in a twisted tales challenge! First challenge in which I’ve been placed (when there has been more than three entrants!) Ok, so this time there were four, but still.

Previous to this I came third in the Novel Ideas Sugar High competition…in October. (Out of three) but still a feature and a placing about which I am quite happy.

But whoop for Careful Selection


Challenge debate

Ok, so here is the ‘issue’.…

I am trying to enter the This is England ‘s group challenge on candid shots within England, and I have got a choice of two, that I am not sure which to enter (or indeed if there are legal issues with me doing so- due to one including a couple of children, which I had hoped didn’t catch their faces, but I think he must have turned.)

They are shown below, and if anyone has any thoughts…please comment!

The Gathering

Now because the first is taken within the arts and design academy at a level not open to the public- I do have permission to be within the building- I am equally unsure of the legalities of this.

Kings of the (luggage) castle

Hence, neither of these are for sale, despite the fact that I really like them as images!

Any thoughts would be much appreciat

Ho much is too much?

Ok, question for you- how many pages of work is too much?

Now I have divided my profile page into groupings, and likewise for the bubble site, to hopefully make navigating the images less tedious than before- I know I have a lot of images up here and there are a lot of pages to scroll through. Yet it is currently my only gallery, and I still feel that some of the early stuff I showed is as good as my new work.

As the number of images equally effects the bubble site contents…I’m a little intrigued as to opinions.

I should point out that at the moment I have no time to really sort anyway (although I have just updated my bubble site).

Any thoughts would be useful I think.


Replying To Comments

I will confess here to be having an internal debate on comments I receive on my work.…

Obviously I have highly flattered, and think the naturally polite thing to do is to reply, my natural instinct, however, this can end up with ‘clogging’ up the comments with my own, and adding a long list of ‘you commented on your won work’ messages (I know, I’ve just done it- does anyone else wonder at this?).

So I try to bubble mail, but for the sake of one comment the giver might have forgotten about this isn’t worth it.

Therefore I have been getting lazy/ impolite and started not replying. This isn’t because I don’t appreciate the comment I do, its for the above reasons, and because I am not inventive enough to give eneryone a personal reply, which I think they deserve, rather than reading reems of T

My first anniversary!

Well, its some time about now anyway- I joined in Feb- how the time has flown.

And a great year its been for redbubble, even without sales my confidence and addiction has grown! (oops).

Whoop, heres to a few more, and eventually ones where I will be less pressured by other stuff and less guilty about spending time on here! lol.

Query/ debate- Advice or thoughts anyone?!

Firstly, had a great trip in Berlin took looots of photos (managed to fill my two memory cards- ok one isn’t great) in three days, so have lots to upload. I will stagger them, and tidy my portfolio at the same time to prevent over loading y’all, and my uploads drying out as I get flushed with uni work! Also had a bit of an idea for another writing, with a shortish story- though currently with no end, it could be any length- already on paper and computer!…

Secondly, I realise this may be a silly way of raising this issue, but internet paypal accounts…for or against? I’m not sure I like the idea of giving all my information to a site for permanenet memory- here I am hoping that my cards are only for the purchases and ‘short time’ keeping-and I try not to shop online, though do occassionaly v

Study Trip

Just a quick note to say that I’m popping off to visit Berlin Tomorrow- so expect a few chilly architectural shots in a week or so- and then return to University only internet access, so don’t expect a lot from me for the next few days.

I shall try and quickly update myself with the fantstic work when I get back, but no guarantees!



Ok, so I’ve been playing, and have come up with a business card. However, this is not me intended to turn professional- archtiecture and writing are still my future intentions- however, I think there is potential for a small scale, craft ish photo future. Plus it might help me make money for my student life/ setting up…

business card

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments, though please bear in mind this is playing (and procrastination!)

More feature updates

I pottered on one of my groups today, and noticed I had made a feature! whoop, so when I go and check my feature feed items, I seem to have missed several of them…

How exciting then to see that I have two written pieces features at the moment- Blind Drunk in short stories and spherical scriptings, and scenting change 4 in a novel idea… I am particularly pleased with these!

My going up has also been featured in the stairs group, and considering this is a shot that is a little blurry I’m rather pleased.

Hurrah to be noticed! (And yes I will stop the shout outs now) but thank you all who have considered the featuring and for all of you who support my ‘work’!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait