Uplifting comments

I love logging on here and getting a great buzz from all the reactions to my images. I know it sounds incredible vain and …I’m sure there is another more appropriate word…of me, but it gives me a great boost reading the generous (overly in some cases) comments on various pieces of my work. When in a low for whatever reason, its great to have that source of confidence and support to look through. I am over-awed by the response I am getting about my Wiloughby Rooflight- which is actually a cupola as I think it was Stevie Miller pointed out.
And hearing how other people are responding to my comments on their work-useually more than justified in my humble opinion. I’m really pleased to be able to give others the confidence that they and others are giving me.
This is a great website- a source of inspiration, a source of beauty, a source of support and confidence. I’m really glad I found it

Journal Comments

  • Magriet Meintjes