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Biting the bullet

At the end of August, I discovered a delightful small theatre group in Manchester (with my brother) set up in a small shop. In itself it was quite a unique experience- we were passing to buy my (late) birthday present and got gathered into a special free half hour event to celebrate Manchester day. The half hour was a treat of music and poetry, but an insight into the world of the tiny charitable theatre called the Three Minute Theatre, leading to an invite to the evening’s final show of that particular arrangement.

Having watched the evenings delightful collection of short, hilarious, plays I was immediatly struck with three possible plays I could write for such a group. I managed to write two of thew ideas down as I stopped in a pub with my brother (where I promptly lost three games of chess, but I like to think I was getting closer) and then set about typing them up.

A month has since passed after finding out how best to type them out, and actually doing so and I have finally decided to get on with it. I sent them both to the theatre group for appraisal. I’m not convinced about them at all- and may not have sold myself too well on that basis- but if I don’t try…

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