Dashing out a last minute journal in haste as I prepare to run a bath and pretend to get an early night!¬ I’m heading off at 6am UK time tomorrow morning (Sunday) which I had thought was just a horrid little made uip time that didn’t exist…but apparently it does. on the plus side, we should get a really quiet drive most of the morning!

Heading up to Scotland, and leaving my laptop with any hope of internet connection on here in Notts, so my appearances here this week will be even rarer than they are turning into at the moment- in so much as they should be non existant!

I hope I’ll be able to catch up on all the fabulous work…but for all those groups I host, fellow hosts and contributing artists I shall see you all on the other side- hopefully with a great tale or two to tell, and a host of horsey photos (yes, I’ts a riding holiday) top upload…amongst all that I have intended to from this last year!

Urgh, must dash though, as I said, I have a bath to run!

Toodles all-
Happy bubbling

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