Well! Such a lot has happened since my last post, it is hard to know where to begin. As most have been distractions from the writing/ marketing/ photographing that this journal should focus on, I’m going to do my best to keep things short.

In September I completed on a house purchase that had been going on since June – I then had until the end of September in my rented flat. Although I had hoped to use this time to re-wire whilst it was empty, I instead got quotes and started the moving process – only re-wiring after I had ‘moved in’! I spent the first week camping on the floor, and the following two during the re-wire unfolding and re-folding my camp bed every night/ morning in the lounge!

when I moved I adopted another bunny, and the bonding process started two weeks into the house and mid-re-wire so all bunnies spent time outside (I’m not sure how thrilled Smudge and Bart were as they are true house bunnies!). I think things are generally going smoothly now – although Smudge has taken to bullying Bart again so I need to do some corrective work there. As soon as I have have re-found my camera (it may still be packed) my bunny collection will grow.

For the last year most of my belongings have been in storage, and these were moved over once the re-wire was complete (with the exception of the furniture that won’t fit through the door) and I can definitively say that a three bed house worth of ‘stuff’ fills a two bed bungalow very quickly! Needless to say the unpacking and ‘trimming’ of things continues.

This year, for the first time in 11 years (after much longing) I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, trying to write 50,000 words in one month. I have a new quite exciting story started, for which I have been researching Charles Darwin’s adventures on the Beagle and other exotic explorations. Four days in I was over 6,000 words in, but with a lovely parental, family friend and god-parental visit this has been stymied over the last two days. No complaints on my part, however, as aside from being good company, I’ve gained more DIY in the bungalow and several nice meals into the bargain. But I do have to crack on with writing again! Otherwise I will be left with a great mountain to tackle on the week off I plan for the end of the month.

Right, I think that covers most of it, and is certainly waffle enough for you all!

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