World Record Attempt

Well, it has to be said. It is really exciting typing the title for this post… and every other time I have typed or admitted that I’m participating in a world Record Attempt! (See I’ve done it again, I can’t help myself!)

So, through the magic of social media, I discovered than an anthology is being put together to attempt to break the current record of 50 individual authors in one short story anthology. In fact, the target is to smash it by publishing an anthology with 100. Of course I’m in, particularly as I have a short story that I thought was finished (foolish foolish author) that just needed a special home to go to.

The story – ‘The Jaguar’ (tantalising excerpt available soon) – was sent to a few readers, all of whom saw potential but recommended changes. One in particular was very clear and constructive, and 5 drafts later, one additional reader comment, the story was submitted amongst the first 55 submitted, 6 weeks into the submission period. Now with only a few days left, we have 88 stories from across the globe!

Organised and published through Celenic Earth Publications in South Africa, this anthology will have stories to please all tastes – thriller/ romance/ murder mystery/ fantasy/ sic-fi and more, from authors as far afield as New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Nigeria, Belgium and (you guessed it) more. For more details on my submission, check out my website:

Or check out this funky Youtube: video. Pre-orders now available :-)

I’m sorry, I do realise that this is advertising someone else’s product here, but as Redbubble is a global community of artists, I thought that you might like to know more about a global community of writers who are set on creating something all new and exciting.

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