So many ideas, so little time...

Hey all

I suspect, and indeed hope, that I’m not the only one in this situation, and perhaps there are some out there whit advice for me…(?)

I have three potential novels on the go atm, plus obviously a lot of uni work:

Scenting change

Changing storm

They each started life as either a practice pice/ short story idea that couldn’t be constrained to a limited word count, and each, I think, could have potential for interesting developments. In terms of time priorities, I guess Torch should take the focus as I started it first, and have finished the first rough draft. However, I know I have waffled to hell, and have the job of typing up my draft scribbles (pen on paper ones), which I am not looking forward to.

Wheras the last two are direct onto my computer and are at the moment more to the fore front in my mind…

Argh, how to priorities (if indeed I do)?!


Oh, and this is as much an explanation of why there are little updates on those three pieces atm. Sorry if you are waiting with baited breath, but the uploads will be sporadic!

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