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I recently visited a local Derbyshire tradition – the Well Dressing. The Dance group I belong to has regularly been involved demonstrating for West Hallam, and this year was no exception. Amongst the stalls raising funds for charities by selling bird boxes/ scented bits an craft stalls was a local authress selling her first novel.

Although passing at a run, I had to stop and I was sold on the idea of buying it as it is a fantasy – right up my alley. Bigger boon for the day, was her signature – even though mid tae kwon do demonstration!

Ashes by Stephanie Harbon is a must read in my opinion! Gripping drama and vivid descriptions occupied by some very gritty and believable characters.

Beginning in Cumbria, UK, the story follows the adventures of Ruby as strangers visit her town and turn her life upside down. She discovers her own secret, a truth kept hidden for years by her parents, which explodes and takes her and her new friends to the world of the Phoenix.

Twists and Turns take your an a whirlwind of emotion throughout the story – so much so that you won’t be able to put it down. I know I couldn’t!

With a hint of romance, a shed load of action and more than one life threatening situation our heroine, Ruby, finds herself in there is something here for everyone.

The book is available on Amazon – no I’m not getting commission.

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