Craft Fair delights

Time for an update – long over due for an update in reality – and I’ve had a lovely weekend, so what better time to do so!…

My lovely weekend, as far as KMorralFictionPhotography is concerned, is primarily focused on my first Craft, Gift and Produce Market which I attended on Saturday morning – 27th October. This was focused entirely on my writing, particularly my self-published short story anthology Worlds Apart, which has been available for two years, but hasn’t been pushed forward by me as it should have done.

So, breaking out of my comfort zone to sit out in public to try and sell, I made an effort. And with only a few days to Halloween, a perfect opportunity to try to sell this fantasy-supernatural collection of stories. Ghosts, Vampires, Thrills all included. The stall was decorated

Half years resolution

So, given that my last post was 7 months ago, and new posts to other sites (including my own website) are almost as distant you won’t be too surprised to learn that I have fallen somewhat off the motivational wagon, and well and truly off my New Years resolution targets.…

Therefore, this being 1st (ok, the 2nd – I intended to start yesterday!) I’m taking this as a key date to resume/ re-programme resolutions, targets and regain forward momentum. This has been somewhat hampered by the realisation that the photos that I wanted to upload today as a key first step are too small. All the more frustrating as there as some beauties! Never mind, I shall review my options for them and move them forward anyway,

I would therefore like to publicise my intentions for the remaining year!
1. Weekly photo


Well! Such a lot has happened since my last post, it is hard to know where to begin. As most have been distractions from the writing/ marketing/ photographing that this journal should focus on, I’m going to do my best to keep things short.…

In September I completed on a house purchase that had been going on since June – I then had until the end of September in my rented flat. Although I had hoped to use this time to re-wire whilst it was empty, I instead got quotes and started the moving process – only re-wiring after I had ‘moved in’! I spent the first week camping on the floor, and the following two during the re-wire unfolding and re-folding my camp bed every night/ morning in the lounge!

when I moved I adopted another bunny, and the bonding process started two weeks into the house and

Book Cover

Picking up from an earlier post, I am delighted to announce that the East Anglian Festival of Culture anthology, for which my image ‘Stormy Night’ provides the cover image, is now available.

The image was submitted to a photographic competition, in itself raising money for Alzheimers Research UK (which sales of the publication also contribute to) and was announced as a winner earlier in July. (See my earlier post).

I received my winning copy today – it is a varied, and most enjoyable (if somewhat distracting) read and I’m thrilled to share it with you all here:

World Record Attempt

Well, it has to be said. It is really exciting typing the title for this post… and every other time I have typed or admitted that I’m participating in a world Record Attempt! (See I’ve done it again, I can’t help myself!)…

So, through the magic of social media, I discovered than an anthology is being put together to attempt to break the current record of 50 individual authors in one short story anthology. In fact, the target is to smash it by publishing an anthology with 100. Of course I’m in, particularly as I have a short story that I thought was finished (foolish foolish author) that just needed a special home to go to.

The story – ‘The Jaguar’ (tantalising excerpt available soon) – was sent to a few readers, all of whom saw potential but recommended changes. One in particular was very

Latest update

So, after my last update debating the pros/ cons of blogging, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out that I am not blogging. Juggling a FT job, and writing, tweeting/ facebooking once a day and pretending to do housework are enough – perhaps not even that as I need to find more marketing opportunities – face to face thought I think. Perhaps a car boot sale or gift fair.…

But, I have had some good news. It turns out that I have won a photography competition! It may only be a small, local thing, but it means that my image (will share when I can) will be the cover for a short story anthology – proceeds going to support Alzheimer Research UK. What a great way to start my Sunday :-) The competition was run for the East Anglia Festival of Culture (link to follow) in September, so approachin

To Blog or not to Blog

So, time for another update!…

My current writing projects are many and varied, and yet until this weekend frequently subject to other distractions.

This Easter weekend has been a productive one: I’ve finished the typing up of edits for my 56,000 word novella, including a completing chapter. This novella is a fantasy crime that start it’s life as a 7,000 word short story which during edit no. 2 took a change for the better but has kind of run away with me. I have no created a world and characters that I want to take forward, and several questions that I need to answer… the only problem being I don’t know how, or where to take it!

So, in the first instance, I am going to look for a professional editor for the novella that I have – which has two possible titles ‘Conflicting evidence’ and ‘The

Marketing onwards

So, time I think for another update for those who are interested.…

My self-publication Worlds Apart came out at the start of December. Such a giggly moment when the first book came through! It is very thin (only 6 stories in it, so it will be) but looks all good and proper with a gorgeous cover! Tehe, felt weird for ages afterwards to be able to say I’ve been published! And in January it came out as an e-book too! (Full details of all this can be found on my website

Sales are slow they are trickling which is nice (though many were gifted as it was that time of the year!) and I’m getting good feedback which is a lovely ego boost too.

Before Christmas I submitted my answers to a blog post interview which went online on the 20th of January. It was nice having

Final getting published


My first publication is pending: World’s Apart – short story anthology, to be released on the 5th of December and available for pre-order now. Selfpublished through the AuthorHouse publishing company.

World’s Apart is a collection of 6 fantasy stories, many of which were created for the Twisted Tales competitions, or general entry – so it is exciting to finally see them in print and out to a wider audience! Many thanks for the group members for their support and feedback on those stories submitted to the group (and now removed).

Visit my website for full details; also available through the AuthorHouse bookshop and soon through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles as both a paperback and e-book.


So… where has the time gone! I’m trying to get myself organise, and figure that this journal will be a useful ‘Blog’ attempt for me and my developing marketing strategy and when did I last provide an entry?! Naughty.…

Though in my defence, it has been a very hectic few months. I started a new job in September with only 10 days notice (and a bank holiday weekend to boot), spent four weeks airbnb-ing on a boat, in a tent (my own very broken tent) and in some very nice homes too. All without much in the way of internet and computer. Each week was a new place, and each weekend I was travelling 300 round trip home to organise the following week and attempt a brief bit of house packing…

Then when I get a flat I transfer from one bnb and receive a delivery of random possessions from my parents (s

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