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5 months on and it is still fun

Well it has been a few months since I wrote my first entry about living with Simon and the time has flown so thought I would do a update for you.

1 I still get a cup of tea at 6.15 when he is on a early shift and I manage to drink it mostly now and sit and read a little if its a weekend.

2. I still have NOT managed to keep the duvet my side of the bed at night and end up with a very cold areas of my body : )

3. He still can be asleep before his head hits the pillow and now as he gets comfortable for the evening in the arm chair he gentle snores away.

4.The ironing of his shirts has worn off. Actually ironing has worn off all together.

5.Where do I hide his christmas presents now.Never a issue when we did not share a house together.

6. Going to be our first christmas eve together and wake up christmas day together which will be lovely but afraid he will have to go and make a mug of tea for me as my 2 teens pile into bed to see what Father christmas has sent them.

7.He washes my old car for me when he washes his car : )

8. He continues to surprise me with a bunch of flowers or something he noticed I might like to try from the weekly food trips.

9. That he painted my daughters bedroom as a surprise for her on his days off and she was over joyed when she came back from uni.

10. Bought Grace her first ever real christmas tree for the house a promise he made her a long time ago that our first christmas all together then he would get her a real tree.

11. I am getting used to having his support and honest and open thoughts on things.

12.Still find it hard to not be so independent, used to doing it all on my own lol

13.I am hoping santa brings him so new socks he has some holey ones

So a few more months on and we are bimbling along still, we have at last managed to get a few of his things out of my garage like some books he is a avid reader at the moment managing around 4 -5 books a month I am lucky if I manange 4 books a year at the moment. A collection of dvds out on the side for him to watch on his days off and relax and to unwind form a stressful and hetic job.
He has as yet not seen us in full christams mode in the house he has been warned. We have the christmas music playing at different times of the day and the christmas dvds piled ready to start to watch in the evening leading up to christmas.
So will be a interesting christmas this year for us all, cooking will be shared between us and will be fun and laughter i am sure around the table.

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