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A Magpie when it comes to photography. I capture anything and everything that captures my eye and lens. From textures of peeling cracked...

The Monday feeling but then...

Yes it is Monday, the weekend flew by in a blink of an eye and today has been another long day, soaked at work outside i forgot my wollie hat, trying to complete something on my course and have lost the will to live as too many ticks still to fill in on my sheets to do and corresponding writting to go with it.
So as is my escape i opened Rb and found i had been featured in the Old and Rusty must admit did look like that today, not a good hair day .

The feature was for my old bit of farming equipment.

And Featuered in As is group for Winter morning which i had only added a couple of days ago.
So i thank the hosts of these groups and all those people who have left me a comment or 2. I really appreciate you all taking the time and i am learning lots. Still having great fun to.

Karen : )

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