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Oh yes i went and did it..

Well went up to Norwich shopping with my partner as we had vouchers for christmas so thought nice to grab some quiet time and have a potter as in by 9am. w=We both hate shopping in the city like to get in early and out quickly.

Also as some of you will know i have been thinking about getting a DSLR camera as at present use a panasonic FX8 compact that i love dearly. I have been tossing and turning what to buy for my DSLR there is so much choice and new things to consider.Simon has been brillant as i have hummed and harred about which one asking him questions and him having to listen to my rambling on.

So we headed into a big retail camera shop and i looked glazed at the cabinets holding these wonderful things. I had done some prior reseach and Simon had printed off some reviews as i had got it down to at least a make Nikon. Thinking about eithet a D60 or D80. But found the D80 was discontinued and the D60 felt to light in my hand little finger waving around in the air.

So after lots of looking and working out the best offers and a 30 minute cup of coffee to go away and think about it time. I jumped in and took a big breath and bought a

Nikon D90 and lens, and a camera bag and a UV filter.

Simon did ask if i needed to sit down as i do not tend to spend money on myself can always find more useful things for it. Idid feel a bit over come : )

But i came out of the shop thinking Oh heck what have i done and mixed in a really happy feeling.

So the camera is still boxed as im waiting for Simon to come over for tea and he can offer me help to put the lens on, and all the other bits.
So hoping once i get insurance set up to cover it i can go and play tomorrow or monday once i have figured out how to turn it on. lol

My little compact will still be with me every place i go as it is a good friend and fits in my bag.

So will keep you imformed of my progress and the things i find out.


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