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Harleston, United Kingdom

A Magpie when it comes to photography. I capture anything and everything that captures my eye and lens. From textures of peeling cracked...

kItchen should of cleaned but ...

Well its a saturday i had decided not to food shop this am and get the housework done and catch up with all those outstanding jobs.

So i got up 9am checked red bubble for things that might of come over night to me, next thing it was 10.30 ooooops So i washed the breakfast dishes, went and re stood the bird table up and placed food out for them as its cold and snowing.
Uploaded some new photos on to my Pc ready to see if any good for RB. its now 11.20am So I cleaned the benches washing in, half the kitchen cleaned.

Back on Rb as wanted to check on any challenges about .. its now 1.10pm
So all i have done since 9am is feed the birds put a load of washing in and clean the benches, the other time has been on RB, how time flies.. am i still addicted YES have my camera ready to dash out and take a snow photo if it eventually settles. So my best intentions have disappeared in RB, the housework will have to wait another day : )
Well i had better go and finish the other half of the kitchen, and bound to be on here later.

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