Karen Betts

Harleston, United Kingdom

A Magpie when it comes to photography. I capture anything and everything that captures my eye and lens. From textures of peeling cracked...

It's not warn off yet

Well it is 11.17pm on Monday night and at least an hour past my bed time and I’m uploading more photos on RedBubble and trawling through my older photos on my computer. Looking at others work and adding them as favourites.

I spend my days as im doing my day to day job noticing things and thinking i want to take that shot, I have even but my camera in my bag and now take it with me to work…HELP

My teenaghers daughters are making comments like you are addicted and i even got a roll of the eyes from my 17 year old as i logged on at 7.20am this morning just to check if any comments passed on photos up loaded yesterday and look at others work as i eat my cereal.

Will they unplug the computer or password it so im locked out : (.

I hope not, this has given me a breath of fresh air new challenges and ways to keep my old brain ticking over. Long may it continue.
p.s. Now i need my bed.

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