While editing my photos

While I am editing these photos and doing artistic creations with them, I think back to all of the things that were going on when I was taking these photos. Believe it or not, I was caught in a thunderstorm and completely soaked when we have a thunderstorm here. I think back to all of the amazing times I had at Chase Field, and the breathtaking views I had during the sunsets in the city while on a building top taking photos.

I have other photos which I will not sell, just because they were personal moments that I wanted to keep to myself. The times while with blue man group, as well as the moments while standing over 700 feet in there air at 1 am, looking down on Las Vegas. Yes, I had a lot of fun moments, and will go back to the places I have seen and specifically make them available to the public.

I would like to think that we all see things in a certain perspective. I really do put a great deal of effort to not only show my perspective, but to also bring about the best quality photos. When I take a photo shoot and am trying to take a certain image, I take over 200 photos. When I was in Las Vegas I took over 1,200 photos in 3 days. So I hope that people will like my creations that I make with th photos as well.

I make different designs and patterns with the images I photograph. It is fun to also make new landscapes with the advanced editing software available at my fingertips. So all in all, I really enjoy doing this. It is a lot of fun and started off as a hobby. So I hope you enjoy the photos that I will be uploading this week which includes Chase Field, which was a fun experience for me, as well as the different parts of downtown Phoenix. I will be adding different cities and landscapes to the photography so be sure to look for those magnificent photos which will be coming soon.

To be updated on my work and different cities and landscapes that I will b photographing, will be updated continuously through my journal here on Red Bubble. I thank everyone for their support and for Red Bubble for making my work available to this online community.

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