Sometimes as an artist you have an idea in your head that is futile to attempt to sell as a writer in published purgatory but you just can’t help but do it anyway. I decided to undertake such a writing project, a Star Wars Universe piece. I have watched a lot of The Clone Wars series with my daughter and alone, have been reading an Old Republic book and a really cool idea started festering in the back of my mind. I hate doing such a thing, and one should never do this when selling a piece to a publisher or film studio, but think Romeo and Juliet meets Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game. I think I settled on 3967 years before Episode IV A New Hope. I haven’t really read many of the books, I keep trying to get through Shadows of the Empire but just can’t stop adapting it into a animated series as I read, and it doesn’t seem like Luke Skywalker is on the horizon for a new animated series from George Lucas. As a fan of the original trilogy I think we were robbed in the animated department. For whatever reason, I decided this idea was worth typing out.

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