Witchtrot Rd.

Witchtrot Rd. what is it? A haunted road or a road merely assumed haunted because of it’s name. To really get to the bottom of this we have to go back to circa 1692, just before the Salem Witch hysteria when Reverend Burroughs was in the area of Wells, Maine carving wood and was approached by some Salem Village 5-0 who were there to bring him back to Salem Village for trial, today it would be Danvers, Massachusetts. He led the two police on a Witchtrot through Maine, New Hampshire, and into Mass complete with flying horses and blue lightening. If that really happened is a mystery but he was taken along the route that was later named Witchtrot Rd. Today there still stands a couple of signs marking the road in York and South Berwick, Maine but legends of it pop up all along the route, in Dover, New Hampshire where I grew up there was a little patch of unmarked dirt road in the woods that drew local teens in for a good scare. I have a map of the region from a 1916 survey that has Witchtrot School as a land mark in the area of Elliot, Maine close to the New Hampshire border.

My friends and I ventured into Maine to park and walk Witchtrot Rd. at night, as any dirt road through the woods at night is creepy it was creepy. Although I never witnessed any of the supposed ghosts or the recluse known as Meat living in a shack out in the woods I did think there was a script in those haunted legends. So I wrote it based on the Dover legends, trying to draw some attention away from the populated road in Maine, those poor saps must get really sick of teenagers running around the woods screaming in the middle of the night. So when this film gets made, and it will get made, don’t go to Maine looking for Ann and Alse because they were never there: they were in Dover.

Lenny Manzo

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