Excuse the mess

Excuse the mess if you see a LOT being uploaded in the next couple of days. I am redoing my website and working right now on the “prints and portfolio” section of it (it’s rather a mess at the moment) Some of the images in that section need to have prints available of them and it is those shots which I will be uploading here for that reason.

Thanks all

Are you ready?

Over the next several weeks I will be uploading a LOT of work on here as the Holidays are coming. I am also going to be putting together a calendar or 3. Much of this work has never been really seen before and I am rather excited to share it with you all. A lot of from this Fall, when I feel I have taken some my best images to date.

So if you start to get inundated some over the coming weeks, please don’t be afraid lol

I hope you all are doing great out there in RedBubble land!

RB vs 500px

This is rather interesting I have to say….

If I was RB I would take serious notice at these traffic stats. As it is now, 500px has a MUCH better layout than the new RB pages, it is day and night.

Keep in mind that 500px has only been around for a very short time. This is from and is food for thought

Announcing the 2011 Colorado fall photography workshop/meetup!

Announcing the 2011 Colorado fall photography workshop/meetup!

It is that time of the year again, and Fall is just around the corner! Once again we are holding our annual Fall photo meetup! And this is the official announcement of that.
If you have ever wanted to see Colorado at it’s most spectacular time, this is it! There is no where else like it, with the hillsides completely alive in sheer blankets of golden color from the Aspens…If you have ever wanted to get a hands on experience with photography, this is also your chance to do so by photographing with some great nature photographers!
Our annual workshop/photomeet/throwing Texans to the crazy Bull Elk during the rut/photography adventure lasts over 2 weekends, and the choice is yours which one you would like to attend, or stay the w

Who wants a G+ invite? --Read please!

Ok, honestly….I have never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that Google would pull off what they have with G+. I have never ever seen something that is so aimed at photographers interacting and networking with other photographers like G+. I am completely over the moon floored by it. Apparently I am far from alone, too.…

Feast your eyes upon this; Google+: The Survival Guide for a Photographer’s Paradise

G+ is lacking something though, photographers from the RedBubble arena! The biggest and best are on there from flickr, deviantart, 500px, fredmiranda, naturescapes, naturephotographers,….but….RedBubble? I am only finding maybe 2 so far.

So here is a shout out. To you my fellow photographers of RedBubble. I have some invites for the currently closed beta floating around. Bubblema

Suggestions on how to make RedBubble better


I have been spending a little bit of time lately over on 500px who seems like they really have their stuff together (mostly except for one major issue with people trolling peoples images and voting them down with the dislike button for their own self worth…it is their greatest downfall and refusal to change it)

There are a few things which I noticed that I wonder if RB couldn’t incorporate…

  • I love the fact that the display images are rather large by default…very nice…imagine a shot like this in that size on RB!?!?
  • Metadata is retained within every single image which is uploaded, from all keywords to exif info, even down to the lens the shot was taken with….that IMO is rather slick!
  • I like the thumbnails to the bottom right of the image and how it displays the most popular ones…n

Excuse the mess, BUT....

If you suddenly start to see a ton of uploads from me in the next few days, have no fear lol I am not saying you are going to, but it is possible. I will be afk around here some in the next week, as I am starting the daunting task of rearranging my website and having all my prints in it within the portfolio gallery link to those on redbubble. I am also finding that many of the images which I currently have on my website could be reprocessed to be better, and it is those shots which you might be seeing uploaded on to here.…

I need to do this though and do it RIGHT, and have it all integrated and flow nicely. So just a warning.

In other news, has anyone else joined 500px yet? Holy cow is all I can say…I am here on 500px That site is just amazing and they really have their stuff together on t

"The Feeling" of Photography

Originally written in my journal on deviantART Tue Oct 12, 2010, 4:29 PM…

This is going to be deep so you have been warned.

I wonder how much others really think I do, that is if they do at all. I am sure maybe one or 2 of you do, but how many more do I am not sure of. There are a very select few who know this about me, and I mean few, as in I can maybe count them on one hand on DA.

So what is it I am talking about? Ok….

I wonder how many others have this secret meaning with their photography, an emotional attachment to many of the images which they post, which convey a greater sense of feeling and meaning within them? I remember when I first started on DA I used to be so excited to upload my latest shots that I had just taken, to share with everyone. Somewhere along the way, many many MAN

Murphy's Law Of Photography!

Murphy’s Laws of Photography
Originally written in my journal on deviantART Jan 16, 2007

You are not Ansel Adams

Neither are you Herb Ritz

Automatic Cameras – Aren’t

Auto Focus – won’t

If you can’t remember, you left the film at home

No photo assignment remains unchanged after the first day of shooting

When in doubt, motor out

If a photo shoot goes too smoothly, then the lab will lose the film

If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid

Success occurs when no one is looking, failure occurs when the Client is watching

The most critical roll of film is fogged

If you forgot, then you did not rewind the film

Photo Assistants are essential, they give photographers someone to yell at

The one item (batteries, film, and ect.) you need is always in short supply

Interchangeable parts aren’t

Long li

Are YOU a Lightchaser?

Today I thought that I would start to share with you all here on RedBubble one of my journals I wrote on deviantART some time back. I will be sharing a lot of these here, updating them accordingly. They are geared at making you a better photographer in many ways, brought from the perspective of wanting to learn, wanting to know the medium better and seeking knowledge, inspiration and motivation to do it all.…

Before I begin I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting my work & all the comments which I have received lately. I honestly appreciate it and I know I am home here with some great people! Thank You!

Now let’s dive in!

Are YOU a lightchaser? —-originally written Thu Aug 14, 2008

Are YOU a lightchaser?—- Well are you? The light…and those who chase it is what I am talkin

So I would like you all to meet someone! :)

Today I want you all to meet someone whom I consider close & very special to me, who I dragged over from deviantART, and who is a great photographer! I was very elated when she joined and I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you all to her! Hopefully you all can give her a very warm welcome. She very much inspires me in my photography and helps me to see things in a new light. Not to mention she is just completely awesome! She is just getting started here on RB, too.

So without further delay, I would like to introduce you all to Rachael

A nice article about RB!

Greetings folks, thought that I would share a few things with you real fast. I know I haven’t been around much lately, blame that on me going photography crazy with an all day shoot at The Pawnee National Grasslands, way out on teh eastern Colorado plains, which was rather epic. From abandoned farms, to wildlife, to the biggest. open spaces you have ever seen…it was amazing! 736 shots taken lol My RAW library is going to hate me lol So you can say that I am literally buried up to my neck in processing.…

I came across this article below today. I guess it is safe to say that when one of the largest and best photography forums pens something about our little beloved RB, word is officially out! be sure to give it a read, it is quite good! An Intro to Redbubble for Photographers-from Digital Ph

Breaking the chains & features

Well I did it.…

I finally set my path in motion. Last night I was laying in bed and was thinking about everything and how it relates to my experiences on deviantART. I came to the conclusion before thinking through on everything that indeed I would delete my account. Then I thought long and hard, and decided against that and how it wouldn’t be the right thing to do because I owe a lot to those who I have become friends with and who have helped me out. I made the decision this AM that I would inform them all that I am moving on to greener pastures, the pasture that is RedBubble in this journal entry here and explained that after having a paid member of the staff outright bashing me and then yesterday having a very close and personal friend basically being outright harassed with a forum thre

An honest thank you to you all-please read.

I really hope you all take a few minutes and read this, because I just want to say thank you to you all. Every one of you.…

I am now starting to make RB my full time home and there are many reason why for that, one is I never have to worry about basically being labelled a bad guy around here because I speak my mind. I never have to worry about someone randomly dropping the F bomb in a comment on my work, and I feel at home here, I feel at ease, I feel like I am the same level with everyone. I can’t really describe just how good things ARE on this website and how good they are in the community here, but you all have it good. You all have it REALLY good. To have an administration who is respectful, kind, listens to it’s users, and is very much in touch on the same level as each and every one

THEY are coming! In waves!

Over 200. Two Hundred! With many more to come! Who is it you asked? The people that I am bringing to redBubble from deviantART. It seems that after Martin wrote me that note expressing his thanks and how redBubble is now using my article in their press kit, people were not only shocked on deviantART but also very impressed. Extremely.…

For a few years I have been saying how good it is here and how this site is exactly HOW deviantart SHOULD be. It seems I stoked the coals in the right places this time because so far, over 200 people whom I known on there have joined since Friday. that is a LOT of people, and if there is any indication of things, it is going to be a LOT more than that in the next week to 2 weeks.

Get ready to be impressed with some utterly amazing photography! Because you

So I received this letter.....

This is a copy of the journal which I just posted on my site on deviantART and I wanted to share it all with you here. Some you might find it pertains to you here and some you may not. But RedBubble….you guys rock!…

So I received this letter. I didn’t expect it at all and found it to be quite a shock. By now I am sure that most of you have read the article I wrote on my photoblog titled deviantART vs. RedBubble vs. flickr If you have not yet, I would highly suggest you do so. It is, after all, what garnered me getting this letter I received.

I received a letter from the CEO and co-founder of RedBubble, Martin [link] who is also the one who pens the aesthetic matters on the official RedBubble account on RB [link] that reads a little something like this;

Just saw your review of RB, DA a

deviantART vs. RedBubble vs. flickr

Yesterday I went ahead and wrote an article on my photoblog that I have been meaning to write for some time now that is comprehensive comparison between 3 of perhaps the biggest community websites out there, DA, RB, and Flickr. Aimed at the serious photographer I went ahead and compared the good with the bad from each and highlighted them all. It is barely scratching the surface with the things I pointed out, but I also did so objectively from the point of view having been on all 3 sites for several years now. I would invite you all to read it, it is pretty in-depth, but I certainly have gotten some great feedback about the article thus far!

So without farther delay…

deviantART vs. RedBubble vs. flickr on my photoblog

So about that "safe filter" & the issue of "censorship"

I think those who watch me on deviantART who also watch me on here too, know that when I want to REALLY write something, I tend to do just that, REALLY write something lol With that being said………

I came upon a journal yesterday from someone whom I watch on here that was basically bashing RB for having nude images on here. I read it, I took it in, and I responded, I responded with logic and reason, and did so in a manner that was rather elegant. Today I found out that the person I watched and who’s journal it was, went ahead and deleted my comments. Kind of depressing and saddening I thought, but you know, some people aren’t accepting of others and their points of view when it comes to art and often times do not realize that they are doing the EXACT same thing that they claim people are doi

All those retro images?

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about all the retro photographs I am uploading, I am trying to meet a deadline by uploading a bunch of prints as I am being interviewed by one of the largest online mens orientated blogs that has close to a million readers and they requested that I make all my work available for purchasing…so now ya know :) I hope I don’t drown you all to much.

The last 2 weeks have really been something in my life and my world has been turned upside down…big time. It has been very trying times…so that is why I haven’t been around much at all. Those of you who watch me on DA know precisely what I am talking about,…


Notes from the field

Howdy folks,…

Photo meetup report Sorry if I haven’t been around here to much lately …was busy last week with shooting as we had a New years photomeetup and since then, I have gotten fairly sick with, who knows what. Nausea is not a nice thing to have. Our New Years photomeet was a success however, with shooting both Garden Of The Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park, I will say this much though, it was the coldest weather I think I have ever shot in. Downright freezing and frigid, so much so that my ski gloves were not doing their job at keeping my hands warm, and up in RMNP they set a record with -38F with wind so strong, it felt like hurricane force almost. It was crazy…and so cold it actually snapped the leg clamps in 1/2 on my tripod, as they literally froze stiff. Fun times though a

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