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One of the things I love to do is write about my adventures in photography, the places where I go, the things I see, the experience as a whole. I took the plunge, I don’t know maybe 10 days ago we’ll see, to actually start a facebook photography fan page for myself. I had always tossed around the idea in my head, but it was this article that I read Why Social Media Matters to Photographers that really just hit home and rang a bell.

So I am inviting you all to follow me on my photography adventures at the sites below.

I hope I see some of you there!

Where have the comments gone?

Ok, who else is noticing that comments on their work have fallen off the face of the earth lately? Honestly, I will get to the point here, I don’t know what is up, or if I pissed someone off or what, but where on earth have the comments gone? I remember when I first joined here and I would get a lot of great feedback, these days I am lucky if I get 3 comments. I decided to do a little experiment, with putting up one of my most popular images about 24 hours ago, an image on deviantART where the stats at this moment read like this:…

Comments: 165
Favourites: 1,223
Views: 6,791
Downloads: 295

Know what they are on RedBubble? 3 comments and 0 favs. So, what is up? I see all these people whom I watch commenting on others work, and never saying a thing to me, regardless of me commenting on their

Calling all Colorado photographers! Winter meetup time!

Greetings folks, just wanted to put a shoutout real fast that we will be throwing a photography meetup/workshop coming in just barely over a month away! Considering how much of a success our Fall meetup was, this one should be a blast as well!

This will be happening over New Years weekend and will include Garden Of The Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park. We have people coming on from far and near to join us, so if you would like to come and be a part and meet several people from RedBubble along with other sites, by all means let me know and I can add you to our email list!

The exact days will be from Dec 31-Jan3rd.

I will be posting more details shortly so stay tuned! This is going to be a blast!


The 2010 Colorado photo meetup!

Hey folks!
Just went ahead and wrote about the big Colorado Photography Fall Meetup we have coming up and I am inviting you all. We have photographers coming from all over the country, and it would be great to have quite a few from RedBubble to join us as well! Rocky Mountain National Park is a place like no where else during Autumn, between the wildlife and landscapes, it is heaven! We have 2 weeks set aside to do all this, and it is going to be a complete blast! If you are local, then you really have no excuse not to join us!

Please read more about it here The 2010 Colorado photo meetup and I hope many of you will join us! It would be a great chance to meet everyone and also learn from some of the best photographers around!


"Photography = Life"

I used to say, “Art = Life”, which I believe it still does, at least for me. I thought that I would however change that around so it says “Photography = Life” to be a tad more specific if you will. For me though, that saying really does say it all. If I wasn’t a creative I don’t know what I would be doing. I originally started studying criminal justice so I could be a cop, with minors in Theology, but 1/2 way through college, I changed everything and started all over again. I found my calling, my true calling. Art. I started out as an illustrator with minors in fine art & graphic designs, and while in art college ( Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design ) I took a class in photography as it was required for my Illustration BFA. I was hooked…..I started late to the game, and am still laggi…

Let's Party RB!

Whew….I am so ready, so let the party begin RB!…

It has been an interesting last couple of weeks, starting with my camera…and me shooting 90mph…since I have had it in 2 weeks time I have shot no less than 4,000!!! photos with it lol (having something that can fire a shutter like the sound of an automatic weapon, means a lot of shots to say the least) To basically sum up what happened with my Minolta 5D:

I was out shooting on assignment for a phone book company and all the sudden my shutter wouldn’t engage. I could get a focus lock, but I couldn’t press it down all the way. I tried everything, battery, memory card, lens, no go, all the same. I was seriously freaking out, because I simply don’t have the dinero to pay for a new camera. No way, no how. Well, one certain family member kind of c

Remembering "why"

So here I sit, slowly waking up, getting some coffee in me, cruising around RedBubble, and just sort of thinking…..I remember now why it is I love this site so much.

I don’t see the bickering around here that can be found on other places, where fouled mouth kids think it’s the “in thing” to tell others that their work stinks. I don’t see the drama, the sheer disrespect that I so often see or seem to find, on here. Some of you will have no idea what it is I am talking about, while others, will know exactly and precisely what it is I am speaking about.…

This is truly what makes RB a fantastic experience, and sort of unique as well, as far as community based websites go. This is one reason why I value it here so much. I came to this realization a few days ago actually, when I saw those who had

Been awhile huh?

Yeah I know, I know, I have been rather inactive on here, and I just deleted 6,000 images in my message center over on deviantART (yes that was images alone from people…not comments, notes, feedback….just images) I think I am going to try a full reset over there on a few things, so I can start to pay attention to the other sites which I am on and love, like RB here and Flickr.…

That being said, I am also very behind on processing too. I went and shot New Years Day in Rocky Mountain National Park and witnessed some of the most amazing behavior from a whole pack of Coyotes which I have ever seen. We were able to photograph them for nearly 90 minutes, playing, sleeping, feeding, resting, you name it. It was an honestly amazing experience.

Since then I have shot quite a few more times as well…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait