Well, here I be!

Howdy and salutations folks! Hope ya’all had a GREAT Holiday! I am about to totally inundate you guys with a massive attack of images, so don’t fret! I just have a lotta stuff I wanna get up for sale. Most (if not all) are from my photoshoot on New Years Day, so you people who are on DA and also here get to see them a LOT faster than you would on DA :) In the meantime I am still a hurting unit after busting my ass (just about as literal as you can get) while shooting those Elk and slipping and falling on the ice. Thank Goodness my tripod has snowshoes on it (metal steel jaws for winter) otherwise I would have smacked my head probably as well. The rise back down to Denver was a total bitch and a half, I was in utter complete pain….thankfully my Mom came with me as she has a Golden Eagle Parks Pass, and drove…..I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I had been alone. Maybe hitch a ride with the Elk who looked at me as I fell some 15 feet away, basically saying “wtf is with this guy!??!” They just sat there and stared and one started approaching kinda putting her head down almost asking if I was ok lol I did get some amazing shots though…..ahhhh the rumblings and musings of a working clutzy nature photographer lol

So I have been messing around in Lightroom lately……I gotta say it is brilliant and I still have a long way to go. I think I have really reached the point to where I can finally figure out just how it fits into my workflow. Now I just need more storage space as I am running out of room ultra fast here! A quick search showed Microcenter has 200gig external Hard Drives for 69-. Ya I am on that today I do think! MUST be done!

Anyways, how are YOU all doing out there in photoland?? I hope GREAT! Also all thank you for all the recent sales! I am pretty stunned as I have had quite a few lately! Thanks guys!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait