It's Autumn In Colorado and how the shutter clicks!


My busiest time of the year, with over 4,000 shots taken in the last 2 weeks alone….and do I ever have a few to share with you all to come, get ready! Those of you who follow me on DA, you may see a couple image syou recognize, but I will do my best to split them up some between here and there. If you all would like to keep on my journeys be sure to follow my photoblog at and also on Twitter at @kkartphoto My website is always chalked full of images and can be seen at If you look under 2009 Photoshoots, you will find "Autumn/Fall 2009. It is there that I have been busy and need to add a LOT more and will be.

I also wish to say a thank you’s, whomever is purchasing my prints framed from here, I really appreciate it, more than you can know. I honestly can not say enough thank you’s to you, whomever you might be. There simply is NO greater compliment to me as a artist and photographer than someone purchasing framed photographs of mine. It is hard, trying to be the best I can be at all this and actually trying to make a living at it, it isn’t easy trust me and I struggle a lot with it, but to have that kind of compliment, leaves me breathless and speechless.

Thank you very much.

I know I am deeply behind on here and don’t know if I ever will get caught up really, I will try in the days to come, as I want to see what everyone has been up to. Things will start to simmer down after next weekend as Autumn dies down, then I will make a dive into things.

Hope ya all are good!

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