Random Photo Thoughts

One thing I really like about this site is that I feel like I am able to step outside my norm here somewhat…something which I have been rather reluctant to do on deviantArt, when I have tried doing it over there, the shots seem like they just fail…hardly anyone comments. I suppose it is because most of my watchers are nature and car people. Here though, I feel like I am rather unbound by this, and not so tied down. And those of you who watch me here and on DA, well…I suppose in a sense your fortunate, as you are going to see shots that I probably wouldn’t upload over there. It really has been a long time since I shared some old signage shots with anyone, so that is on the list, along with some street shots as well. I love street photography, always have, always will. I may also be doing some darker kinda images as well, stuff like my latest which I just uploaded. Now don’t worry, I will still be doing my landscapes and all that, I just feel like I can mix it up a lot more on here! I like that!

I love browsing this site, it is just a goldmine of images on here, such high quality stuff! I do have to admit that I wish they would add something that would read EXIF and IPTC info. I love looking at how the photographer shot a image. It helps us all learn! And photography is a never ending learning experience. And if you think “I don’t need to learn anything” then maybe you can tell me why your shots suck! lol Because more than likely, they will. God hasn’t created anyone to be his gift to photography, sorry, you lose.

Anyone want some Free Photoshop Plugins? These are wonderful, Virtual Photographer rocks, and Pog’s Filters (created by a friend of mine) are incredible, I use them on a regular basis.

Well, I thought that I would share with ya all a few images which I have faved recently, so without farther delay, check these shots out!

John http://jdebordphoto.com

Collectiveone is a master …someone who I know from deviantArt and whose work is just so utterly pure and perfect. You look at his shots and you feel like you are standing in the wilderness.

Pam aka BlueTiger is one of my favorite photographers….her work is just inspiring, period. Absolute professionalism, folks, in every way possible! Even if she lives in Canada! (lol had to Pam! )

Anders )personally I call him “Ass”-ers because EVERTHTING he does is perfect) is another artist whose work I follow over on deviantArt. What gets me about him is the atmosphere he catches, and the light…he is a master of being able to make the viewer feel like they are standing in the scene as a whole

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