Photographic Lullabies.....

Why that title specifically, I haven’t a clue actually, it just sounded nice I suppose. Kinda in a rut over here at the moment, thinking about my images. It’s funny, I think we all think pretty much the same way….about our own images, we never actually really see how good our own work is! Why? I think we become rather numb to it. When I was in college studying for my BFA in Illustration, my professor taught me a very valuable lesson….every hour when you are working on an image, you should get up, step away for 10-15 minutes, and then come back. The reason being because the right side of the brain needs to refresh itself, wipe itself clean, and rejuvenate. Often when this is done, we see our art almost as a new again. Ever done that??? Try it sometime! Another one I was taught, rotate your image 90 degrees, so it is upside down and then look at it. Great way to see if your composition is good.

Well I see the flood of DA people is on….seen quite a few new familiar faces on here that I also know from over there. :) Good to see some of my favorite photographers making it here!

The knee is a healing,….slowly but surely….think I need to go buy an exercise bicycle to get in better shape. Us old, fat guys need that kinda stuff! lol

Happen to just look at my Dremstime stock photo acct and noticed that my earnings at the moment were at $425. Huh? $425- in ONE month!?!?! I thought that there was some mistake…so I looked at my earnings record and it seems someone bought a extended license of one of my shots from years ago of an old 58 Chevy Impala…..$350 smackers on that shot alone! I didn’t know that you could actually sell an image for that much on a micro stock site! Well I was pretty elated!

Well that is my story and I am stickin to it! Ohhhhhhhh ordered up some new polarizers and NDs off ebay….next up is a 16 foot remote shutter! :)
Cheers all! How ya doing out there in the wide open land of cameraland?!??

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