What RedBubble needs...

Is a lot.

I’ve been on here since RB first started. The changes to the site have been massive and what used to be a strictly fine art & photography site has seemed to gone end over end for graphic design and products which showcase such a medium. In fact, if you look at how RB promotes the site through its social media channels and blog posts, you rarely even see photography anymore. Sad panda is sad. I get lost trying to find anything these days on here because the site itself is so so simplistic yet so archaic at the same time.

So I got to thinking, what is it that RB really needs? here’s some thing which caught my eye;

Metadata integration—- You’d think this would have been done long ago (every other site has this, even facebook) When you upload a photograph to RB it should auto populate title, tags and description. This saves us a lot of time and is a royal pain in the ass to do it manually.

Multiple image uploader—- Why this hasn’t been done already is beyond me. Again, a feature that every site on the internet has that RB doesn’t. Right now I have about 50 works that I want to upload, this makes me want to skip uploading to RB entirely because it’s going to take forever.

Better integration on pages that show images—- Pages that show artwork at best are downright chaotic. It’s crowded and trying to find peoples comments is a pain. Let’s take a look at how 500px does it shall we? Notice how clean it is and how easy on the eyes that is?

Larger images please!—- Yes, we need larger images and I can already hear people screaming “copyright theft!” I’m more concerned about making sales of my work than I am with copyright theft. Perhaps an option to turn it on and off in order to satisfy everyone?

Groups, a complete makeover—- RedBubble could shine here but instead it;‘s caught in 2003 with something that looks like it was designed and done in notepad. (Ya, I know you can code in notepad but you know what I’m saying) It’s absolutely ugly. Groups can and should be the base of the community. right now it looks like something which was done and was forgotten about.

Activity Feed (Message center) makeover—- Talk about ugly and downright chaotic, this is it. Seriously, look at this mess… (in fact I can’t even find what I wanted to screen cap because navigation on here is next to impossible! UGH! This is what I’,m talking about! Where in the heck is it that you see your message center? Comments, where people have uploaded new work, what people have faved, etc? Why is this not under the drop down menu? Really RB? REALLY! I’m ready to pull my damn hair out!) The place where you see people have added new work. If someone can throw me a link, I would love you. (I found it, thanks Carla!) Who designed this? Seriously. Why is there no link under our drop down under our avatar to ones activity feed? Why is there some gigantic banner above our feed? Can we get something that is actually helpful? No wonder why nobody comments on anybody’s work any more, it’s impossible to find!
I knock deviantART a lot and I mean a lot but I’ll say this much, they have their crap together with their message center/activity feed. Nobody else comes close. Look at this—-

This is the toolbar at the top of my page

Look at all that, completely organized. It’s a thing of beauty. Look at the left frame, everything is right there. One click and done. No hair pulling, no wondering where in the world something is….

There’s more but honestly after spending 30 minutes just trying to navigate here after the above amount of stupid, FAA needs me.

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