Serious Thoughts on deviantArt and news!

For you who watch me on DA, this is being mirrored…….

Well I have a few things which I wish to share with you all today, so without farther adoo, read below.

deviantArt and Pedophiles! Yes you read correctly, and honestly I am a little concerned here with this. And honestly, you all should be as well. I was just reading this journal THEY BANNED MASPP *UPDATE! which I saw on the today page. I want you ALL to go and read this, asap. Seriously. And honestly, read the journal and READ the replies which were posted in it. !MASPP is (was) a club called “Mothers Against Sexual Predators” Now I understand DA’s position on the ban, but honestly, I think a group like this is good for a community that has millions of members. I know that listing things in your journal with names saying “so and so is a sexual predator here on this site” is quite a statement to make. However, at the same time, let’s be honest, the staff here in inundated and how can a few (let alone 100) people even begin to make a dent on a site that has millions of people. After watching MSNBC’s “To catch a predator” about MySpace and seeing how DA handled this situation, I am not real sure they did the correct thing here.

Food for thought on this—— This screen cap made me wonder which states why the account is banned. Hmmm a case of libel, well yes maybe, but I think a fine line is being walked here. Which is more important, libel, or the thought of maybe now missing 1 sexual predator because the club is banned. Give that one some thought folks and let me know what ya think about this….

My New Website!!—— Yes, I have totally moved and redone my entire website. I did like my old one, but in the end, I wanted something cleaner that was much more professional, something that would fit my work and make it look the best that it can be. I choose ZenFolio. Sooo without farther hesitation, I introduce you all to the almost totally completed, website!

*And here comes Autumn!!—- * Autumn is now in full swing in the mountains here and this week and next is what is called “Peek week” here in Colorado…..when the trees in the mountains are set a fire with color….the Aspens changing the classical Golds, and people come from everywhere on earth to see it. Tomorrow I will make my annual trek up to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some serious shooting. And, a big bonus, the Elk are in Rut! I hope to get some good shots of Bulls…..we’ll see, so stay tuned! I am REALLY looking forward to this!

*New Lens!—- * Well I got my $15 Kalimar 28-70mm f3.5 (constant) Macro in the mail which I won on ebay. First thoughts, a great big huge “WTF” is what I thought at first. Hmmm when I look through the viewfinder in my cam, it almost seems hazy in a sense. That is NOT good. So I ventured outside to set it with some random snaps, and well, upon downloading the pics I was pretty horrified. The sheer lack of contrast really scared me, as I have never had images look like this outta cam before. However, upon playing a lil bit with curves and levels, I am satisfied. It is SHARP. Why on earth though the lack of contrast is beyond me. Anyways, here is example of what I mean. All I can say is thank the Lord above for curves and levels! lol Sample Pic

*As Always!—- * Thank you everyone for the comments and the favs, I really appreciate the support!

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