The Rush is on!

Well howdy there folks, it has been awhile hasn’t it?? How ya all been doing?

Wow what a crazy last 6 weeks or so.,….and now The Rush is on as I stated. Currently I am in the midst of processing several 1000s of photos…yeah you read right, several 1000s.l..Autumn is my busy season and Colorado is akin to paradise. I have been all over the place shooting and as it now winds down, and as I start to process, my thoughts turn to getting a lot of these images up here on good old RB for sale.

I honestly believe that I shot some of my best work ever over the last 6 weeks, the atmosphere at times I was able to capture was simply amazing…thunderstorms and the sunlight reflecting on the leaves makes for high contrast heaven! I honestly have a LOT to show and share, so I hope ya all don’t kill me if I inundate you all with Autumn photographs :)

Well I hope ya all are ok out there! Anyone have any lucky with being contacted from someone finding their BubbleSite yet???


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