Welcome my fellow Deviants!

Welcome my fellow Deviants!

Greetings to all of you that took my advice in my journal over on deviantArt and came over here to RedBubble! There have been quite a few it seems to come on over and explore things. This place is quite different than DA as you may be finding out, but the differences I feel are also better as you will see. So I thought that I would go ahead and throw a little primer together for you guys, kinda a FYI for ya! I hope this helps you guys! I also am going to feature a few works from some of ya down below :)

1) RedBubble is FOR the Artist!—- DA charges people for having a ‘subscription’ and also a ‘premium prints subscription’. When a user does NOT have a premium print subscription, they can only make 10% profit of their sales. When they have a premium subscription, artist only gets 50% of markup with DA getting the other 50% of artist profit. RedBubble is 100% free, costs nothing to join, there is NO member subscription, the artist keeps 100%!! of ALL profits with RB only getting the base price. There is NO ’premium print subscription" on RB.

2) NO Popularity Contest Here!—- Yes You read right, there is NO popularity contest here. Everyone is one and the same, all on the same level. Sure, your statts are accessible but are NOT displayed on the front of your page. In fact they are actually kind of hard to find lol I don’t even recall where they are at! There is no “popular” area of any kind, and all that there is really is the art of the front page. Nice huh? Thought many of you would like that!

3) A Structured Groups/Clubs System—- DA has been saying that they would something in this form now for years, literally, it took RB like a week to do it lol You can see all the groups here

4) Borders and Watermarks—-Do NOT add border for images which you are uploading here, as it generally a pain in the rear for when they print things. As such, they discourage it. The same for watermarks, as RB has a built in watermarking system, and if you upload an image that has a watermark then that image when sold will have one on it. (Though I am sure they would flag it first)

5) * True Theft Prevention!—-* RB has an option that places a 1 pixel gif overlay on top of your images, so when someone tries to download an image of yours, instead they get a 1px gif!

6) The HTML here—- Ok all things considered, the HTML here is a lil whacky and unique. There is a cheat Sheet there that will help you will that and also a Firefox extension you can use, which I use and has been a total lifesaver.

7 Getting Started On RB!—- There is a BUNCH of things that have been posted here in the forums to help you guys out! When in doubt, always head there. These forums are VERY different than DA as teh age here is older and the atmosphere much more professional. Tutorials and Tips for Newcomers There is a wealth of info there including how to make a site badge, slideshows showing your RB portfolio, banner images, How to make T-shirts for sale, etc etc.

8) “The Atmosphere Here!—-” It is quite different as you will see. The owners of the site and admins are VERY friendly and helpful, and are fellow full time artist’s as well. The age here is older, as you will notice right away! Many of the people who I have brought here have actually left DA and haven’t looked back simply because they like it better and feel much more comfortable.

9) “The Upload Process here—-” It is a lil slower, because the servers are in Australia, but not by much. And that is the only slower thing about this site, it loads faster, as a whole, pages and images fly when you click on them.

10) “NO Adverts!—-” Yes that is correct, no adverts anywhere, period, which makes for an awesome experience for anyone who sees your work. It also makes for a nice site to send family and friends to show your work. Art the way it is meant to be seen, as art!

All In All—- I hope you guys really enjoy it here. It is a really exceptional site that very much has the artist in mind. This is something that I think has been needed. Anyways, if ya all have any questions, please feel free to ask me, and I will help as I can as per usual! Hope ya all like the features below!


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