5th Sale :D (and a summary of 2011)


2011 has been a wonderful RB year for me. Not only have I celebrated my first sale this year, but now my fifth. A very sincere and warm thanks to the friend who purchased Chambers

I’ve had 2 home page features, many featured images in various groups and even some success in group challenges. Much of this may seem of little value when regarded in the world’s framework, but to me each and every one of these things carries far more significance than the impersonal ‘cash value’.

  • There is of course the invaluable publicity, but even this is not what I value so highly.
  • The validation of generating an income – regardless of amount – from my art is encouragement to keep at it, though I deeply suspect I could/would not stop even if I never made a cent. LOL My main income comes from my stock photography at www.mychillybin.co.nz and 2011 has been a good year for me there, too.
  • The feedback I get here from fellow artists and art appreciators is awesome and I thank every one who has taken the time to leave a comment, thought or critique.
  • The inspiration I get from perusing works on RedBubble is amazing! There are so many talented folk here – from those who share my passion for photography and digital art to those who do what I’ve never been able to, but always wished I could (painting, drawing, cartoons, etc). If I’m dry, I need only come and take a look at one of my favourite artists or take a peek at the feed works being featured and my mind latches onto the possibilities and desires to create my own, or at least try to.
  • The things I have learned through RedBubble this year have been of particular note, and here I must make special mention of a very dear group of friends. The hosts and members of the Apophysis Tutorial Fun group have not only unlocked the mysterious frustrations of fractal creation for me, but become a firm bunch of friends. Each of you is now an integral part of my day and I highly value your friendship and creative input! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I am super-excited to continue our interactions and deepen the bonds through into 2012.


On the creative front 2011 has produced expansions to my horizons. Generation and manipulation of fractals has vastly improved, as mentioned above. This art of exploration is deeply fascinating and rewarding and I’ve only just scratched the surface of possibilities.

I’ve long since dreamed of being able to partake in macro photography and while I still cannot afford a true macro lens, I was blessed with birthday money enough to acquire a set of extension tubes back in August. These little devices are awesome! I am dabbling and producing some results I am very pleased with, even though they’ve increased my desire for a ‘proper’ macro lens. ;)

Before I am able to get a macro lens, the more important and pressing need will be to upgrade my camera. The body is fine but the lenses are generic and simply cannot do some things I am wanting to play with. They will not go to infinity and the focal quality is a bit soft on the kit zoom lens. I am eyeing up the EOS Canon 600D with longing eyes, but by the time I can afford an upgrade they’ll probably have a whole different numbering system going on. LOL


2011 has had its challenges – it has not been all fun and games. It began with the passing of my pet rabbit just days from giving birth to her first litter of babies. It moved into the passing of a couple of aunts, reminding me that none of us is getting any younger. My own health continues to misbehave from time to time (including my first ever journey in an ambulance), to the ‘death’ of my PC – twice! Fortunately that resulted in not only the 2-times-resurrection of my PC to a now faster, more capable machine with upgraded graphics card and new 24" HD widescreen monitor, but also to the reawakening of my former PC to be also bigger, faster and with new (but smaller than mine!) HD widescreen for my husband to use. The first home PC that he can call his own.

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks from the last inspection carried out by the EQC to assess the damage to our property from February’s earthquake. They said they would have some sort of answer within 6-8 weeks, but given that this is just days before Christmas, I am not expecting anything yet. I’ll wait till the 8 week point before I bother with a follow-up phone call. So whether it’s a pull-down and start again or attempted repairs – it’s out of our hands. I’m not worried, although either solution will involve us having to completely move out (to where……????) for a period (how long….???). It would be a shame to see this beautiful 1920s bungalow with all her charm go, but the appeal of having an insulated home has an undeniable appeal.

Our menagerie, having suffered a loss at the beginning of the year, is ending the year larger than it began. The addition of 2 hens (Turtle and Myrtle) has been an absolute delight for me and I love the way they come running to greet me every time I open the back door. Turtle is sitting on eggs. We don’t have a rooster so I obtained some fertilised eggs through friends and she now has 8 under her from three different breeds. We only want a total of 6 hens, but there’s no way of knowing whether they’ll hatch into males or females so there’s a few extras for safety sake. I am looking forward to the moment they begin hatching (and hoping for some fine photo ops of the wee chicks!) Turtle is being a good mother with her responsibilities so far, and poor Myrtle wanders around after the dog in the absence of her sister’s company.

There is much more that I could say here, but I think that is enough of an overview. It has probably already crossed the line of containing too much but once I started, the writer within took over. ;)

I wish you all a warm and blessed Christmas. I am celebrating the birth of Jesus with a family get-together at breakfast time with my husband’s family and then at lunchtime with my side of the family. May your day be as blessed however you spend it.

…and for 2012 – let the learning continue, the sales improve and our friendships grow stronger each day!

From my heart to yours,

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