Traffic to the Bubble

It has been what seems like an eternity since I have been able to spend any time on redbubble. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on two main goals. New artwork and networking on the Internet. This is what I’ve found. Red Bubble remains the best site for quality framed artwork and cards. No other site, which I’m sure they are out there, seems to offer the same features. As for shirts….well…rb certainly has some competition. There is an plethora of sites who seek artists with designs for t-shirts. Most of them are free, but it is obvious that with the great number, there is a distinct possibility of getting lost in ambiguity. The best recourse I decided is to try out myspace. I know, I know….there is a stereotype of the site being for teenagers. The surprise is how many adults and artists are on there networking. Why not try it out? I have added a description of what red bubble is and what rb offers to ALL creative souls. Being new to myspace, I have joined an enormous amount of artist groups to find friends that have an interest in the art community. Through them, I can post bulletins and refer interested ones to the bubble. Of course I have listed a URL for rb, but I’m trying to develop a cool slideshow and “promotion” of the bubble. Myspace prohibits some kind of advertising, so I’m careful of just what I put on there, but I’m not phishing or disseminating spam. The idea of networking isn’t new, but I think rb would only benefit by increased traffic from these other sources. Recently I received a message that 200 million users are logged into myspace. What a resource! Like I’ve stated already, there are many, many individuals who are interested in art and graphic design who have never heard of rb. I’m trying to send as many here as I can!!!!

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