Web Site Bubbling

After lengthy investigation into web advertising and marketing stratagem I have realized that there are a lot more sites for artwork than I ever dreamed possible. Since many of the comment left, so graciously, by others have one main message they repeat…. my creations would make great tattoo designs. So I have found the main suggestion by and far is EXPOSURE. Now. Since almost everyone who comes to redbubble obviously enjoys getting on the Internet, then why can’t we collectively get more exposure for our work by linking redbubble to other sites? I think it was a grand idea for the photographers I’ve seen on redbubble to put web links to their own web sites promoting their perspective photo services. But why not do the same…only backwards? At least two tattoo web sites will (not unlike redbubble) allow web links to other sites. It seems to me that we will ALL benefit from more exposure if members here start putting these links on sites wherever and whenever they can!! It doesn’t matter if it’s a site promoting tattoo designs, my space or the web sites offered by yahoo. The more links we get out on the ‘net’, the more traffic redbubble will get- leading to even more interest, more members, and eventually MORE SALES! Now I realize that many of us enjoy redbubble for more than just a place to sell our work, but what’s wrong with a little self-promotion? The feedback alone would benefit everyone. It’s just a thought…. but one worth considering!!!!…..kk

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