Faux Pas Bubble Style

Finally some of my new work is posted! Many creations are still in my portfolio waiting to be scanned, touched up, formatted, and uploaded. Whew! Sounds more complicated than it really is! Anyway…. I do worry a bit that some artists here might see my uploads as redundant, but I can’t find any other way to make the shirt color inversions work. Yes, the drawings are the same, but look terrible when the originals are on black shirts. The big white box makes them awkward and unprofessional. Thanks to a suggestion by another bubble member, I found a way to make them look better than the originals!!!! I just don’t want to violate rb etiquette and make a faux pas. lol It’s obvious that my t-shirt designs have more marketability if rb can offer them in multiple colors, but the look of the ones in black are so neat that I can’t ignore it. For this reason, it might appear I’ve loaded the same ones more than once. If this bothers anyone I apologize. Thanks kk

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