TTV Photography Exhibition - June 09 - Melbourne

For anyone in Melbourne interested in experiencing some wonderfully unique Through The Viewfinder – TTV Photography (mine included) go check out the:

InnerNortherns Exhibition – TTV Photography Show – June 09.

Michaels Alpha Photographic Gallery
Cnr Lonsdale & Elizabeth Streets
June 2009

TTV photography is when you use a digital camera in conjunction with a vintage TLR camera such as a Kodak Duaflex or an Argus or any other camera that has a viewfinder large enough. The photograph is composed through the viewfinder of the vintage camera, then a photograph is taken of the viewfinder with the digital camera.

So, if any of you out there are interested in viewing the work of some very talented Artists and enjoy the unique gritty, vintage style of TTV photography or if you have never heard of it and would like to view some great examples of the technique, please come along and have a look, you’ll be amazed and inspired by what you see.

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