Delighted to be here!


Just a short note of introduction, and a thank you to my fellow members of the CAT LOVE group firstly for letting me join you and for the great welcome you have given me to both the group and Redbubble over the past few days.

Like you I am a cat lover – I have eight rescue cats – all but one came to me by one means or another – the only one I went out and got was Jasper – at that time I only had one cat, my beautiful Bella, (she in turn had been brought from a friend’s farm as a weak and sickly kitten) and I thought he would be a companion for her – it didn’t quite work out that way – but that’s a story for another time!

Of the others – Fleur was brought to me as an adult stray by another friend as she was in desperate need of a loving home. She had obviously been dumped and couldn’t understand what had happened to her – she spent the first three months of her life with us hiding under the guest room bed – only coming out to eat. Rather different now – she sleeps on the end of our bed and has become a lady of leisure!

Two found their way to me. Gracie was one of those two – she appeared as a painfully thin ‘mother-to be’, – only a kitten herself and terribly afraid of humans. She gave birth to four tiny kittens in one of our outbuildings. They were several weeks old before I found them – one was taken and rehomed by my good friends who were kitten fosters – we called him Gizmo (after the good gremlin in the film of that name as he was very quiet and timid) – the others Felix, Angel and Bibby, were far too wild to be handled – three ’shrieking banshees!. They were to be domesticated by me ready to go to loving owners – but by the time they were old enough and tame enough to leave there was no way that I could have ever parted with them!

The youngest foundling – Mimi – is my ‘dumpling’ – having been away for the day we returned home to find this tiny little black dust ball kitten of about five weeks hiding in the garden hedge – we never found out where she had come from and can only assume that she had been ‘dumped’ by someone – their loss was our gain!. Needless to say she stayed and is now a beautiful young lady of two – but still very much the ‘baby’ of the family – and with the strangest personality you can imagine.

Well, that’s ‘the feline family’.

It has always been an ambition of mine to share the stories of my animal companions – now I have found Redbubble I really have no excuse not to!

Thank you all for your kind comments and warm welcome!

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