Our Beautiful Bella

My dear friends,

May I ask you to please keep our beautiful Bella in your thoughts as she has undergone an emergency operation this afternoon to remove a tumour behind her nose that was restricting her breathing.

She has been back and forth to the vets over the last couple of weeks with what we thought was a bad cold – or a re-emergence of the cat flu that can plague ex feral kittens in later life.

The problem failed to respond to treatment and at the end of last week she was having problems breathing and swallowing. She eventually stopped eating and was drinking very little – which is never a good sign.

Back to the vets we went on Friday morning and they carried out tests, one of which was an x-ray which identified the tumour as the cause of her problems. Although I think we had guessed it was something serious – the news came as such a shock.

She had her operation today and is awake and breathing more easily now. As soon as she stabilises and is able to eat and drink again she can come home.

The tumour appears to be a lymphoma – which although is malignant does respond to treatment. The good news is that cats can have full remission following surgery and drug therapy. We will know more when the biopsy results come back next week.

Please send her some of your wonderful healing thoughts tonight – I know this has worked for other wonderful animal companions of friends here on RB.

Our beautiful girl is only 9 years old – she had a very hard start in life and nearly died as a feral kitten. For all her early problems she has the sweetest nature and is affectionate and gentle – she loves to play and is so content sleeping in her chair by the Aga – which is very empty without her there.

Thank you so much for reading this and caring,

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