Niccolo  Machiavelli Spiral Notebook $13.68
The Climax Postcards $2.57
work smart not hard Postcards $2.57
L'Inverno (Winter) Postcards $2.57
wave equation Postcards $2.57
Cicero Postcards $2.57
Socrates,     philosopher  Spiral Notebook $13.68
Sigmund  Freud Greeting Card $3.30
keep your hands clean  Postcards $2.57
Bird - totem pole style Postcards $2.57
Mata Hari Greeting Card $3.30
Immanuel Kant Spiral Notebook $13.68
vintage radio tubes ad Greeting Card $3.30
revolutionary rooster Spiral Notebook $13.68
god Apollo aka Apollon Greeting Card $3.30
freedom is an illusion Spiral Notebook $13.68
Louis Antoine de Saint-Just  portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
if you are reading this you are in simulation Greeting Card $3.30
knowledge is power  Postcards $2.57
Admiral Nelson, portrait  Spiral Notebook $13.68
Giuseppe Garibaldi, portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
Honor The King  Postcards $2.57
Chairman Mao Zedong, portrait T-shirt Spiral Notebook $13.68
general Lafayette Spiral Notebook $13.68
general Hannibal Spiral Notebook $13.68
Lord Protector - Oliver Cromwell Postcards $2.57
cannabis dream catcher  Greeting Card $3.30
Enlightenment influencer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, portrait Greeting Card $3.30
American Founding Father, president Jefferson Portrait T-shirt Spiral Notebook $13.68
7th US president, Andrew Jackson portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
political economist, David Ricardo Spiral Notebook $13.68
John Locke, portrait Greeting Card $3.30
composer  Igor Stravinsky  Postcards $2.57
computer glitch Greeting Card $3.30
Portrait of a writer Franz Kafka   Greeting Card $3.30
a portrait of famous Queen of France - Marie Antoinette  Greeting Card $3.30
viral infection Postcards $2.57
woodcut printmaking Spiral Notebook $13.68
Catherine the great, Empress of Russia  Greeting Card $3.30
Leonhard Euler, portrait Postcards $2.57
mathematician Lagrange, portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
life is a party Postcards $2.57
philosopher Hegel, portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
word Love in Russian Postcards $2.57
same joke over and over Postcards $2.57
pink pig geometry Postcards $2.57
we have the right to repair our future Spiral Notebook $13.68
Moai wearing headphones Greeting Card $3.30
fashion is not my thing  Greeting Card $3.30
2019  brain teaser    Postcards $2.57
automation chain reaction  Spiral Notebook $13.68
bots will be bots  Spiral Notebook $13.68
Unconscious Biases and Pluralism  Spiral Notebook $13.68
Act fast  Greeting Card $3.30
Роботы не рабы, robots aren't slaves Postcards $2.57
robots are not humans' slaves Spiral Notebook $13.68
Troll Factory Workers Union Spiral Notebook $13.68
Gone control Postcards $2.57
pizza delivery recipient Postcards $2.57
enthusiastically singing rock guitarist Postcards $2.57
Donald Trump face  Spiral Notebook $13.68
Свобода russian  word for Freedom  Greeting Card $3.30
Oscar Wilde close-up portrait Postcards $2.57
Lady with an Ermine Greeting Card $3.30
I Want to Be Me Spiral Notebook $13.68
School is not my thing Greeting Card $3.30
Keep your hands clean Greeting Card $3.30
vintage canvas shoes Greeting Card $3.30
Life is my hobby Spiral Notebook $13.68
blatant sticking out tongue Greeting Card $3.30
БАМ: Real Job Greeting Card $3.30
boiling globe  Greeting Card $3.30
Record  vintage lettering - рекорд Greeting Card $3.30
Tula -  city in Russia, lettering Postcards $2.57
Ural - russian lettering Spiral Notebook $13.68
1969 World Championship in Leningrad, USSR vintage Spiral Notebook $13.68
1969 soccer ball, russian football vintage Greeting Card $3.30
1973 Moscow taxi ad, vintage  Spiral Notebook $13.68
vintage Cuba 1978 Greeting Card $3.30
Кнопки канцелярские, soviet pin ad Greeting Card $3.30
robotic arm  - automation star  Spiral Notebook $13.68
social behavior monitoring Postcards $2.57
happy smiling cat  Spiral Notebook $13.68
live  your own life Greeting Card $3.30
dream your own dreams Greeting Card $3.30
cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough Greeting Card $3.30
eat organic eggplant Postcards $2.57
the legend Greeting Card $3.30
hot god Greeting Card $3.30
Winston Churchill portrait Spiral Notebook $13.68
screw it, literally Greeting Card $3.30
K-pop - north edition  Postcards $2.57
girl boss Greeting Card $3.30
 punishing hand of venus fighting mars Greeting Card $3.30
all you need is lie Postcards $2.57
 Recuay culture motif Greeting Card $3.30
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