Alaska~at home in a freezer~~

Making my home in Alaska, midst the ice and snow for several months, is like living in a huge freezer. It’s always cold, just some days are colder than others. It’s always icy and snowy, just more or less depending on the week.
It’s also mostly black, white and gray; dim, with no color to be seen from the ground to the sky….however, it’s also magical; beautiful displays from the night sky are awesome; the gray, dim days are not boring but make a sunny day an occasion to celebrate. When there’s sunlight on the snowy landscape, there’s nothing as beautiful. The mountains take on the beautiful alpenglow of pink that is breathtaking. Sunrises and sunsets are the other source of color and are the talk of the town, or a least between friends and family>
The ice-floes in the river and in the inlet, are huge and quite impressive.
Seeing an icy cliff being climbed, is quite a sight and I hold my breath just watching.
Driving to where there is no snow and ice, is a trip of over a thousand miles;
but a 3 hour flight by jet is quicker~~
Winter in Alaska is long, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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