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Riverdale, United States

I have a passion for capturing the true reality of the moment. Shooting with 35mm film and digital capture in an analog style to bring...

Mega feature in "RB ALUMNI"

I am sitting beside myself as I write this journal entry. lol I truly appreciate the interest that this Group has taken in my photography!!!! Every day I see the world with a photographer’s eye so, when I have a camera in hand, capturing what I see comes naturally.
I come from the old school film days where you couldn’t see what you just captured on an LCD screen. You had to read the light, know your film, and choose your apeture and shutter speed properly for the desired effect. You had to wait until the film was developed to know if you got the shot. I do admit that I am quite spoiled now with Digital because of that one simple fact, I can see in real time if I got the shot. I still read light as if I were shooting with film, choose my ISO like film, ( the lower, the better) and pick digital camera’s that have the most film like grain (noise) and color palette. This has made the transition to digital very natural for me so far.

It is truly an honor to have my work featured in this group, thanks so much to the hosts Keith, Wendy and Clipics.

Featured 10/3/09 All digital capture

“Arlington Angel”
“Business as Usual”
“Casual Reader”
“Lost in the Translation”
“Bottoms Up”
“Lights on the Mall”
“Golden Warrior”
“Candid Camera”
“Battlefield Medic”
“Ready, Fire!!”
“Pro Street Camaro”
“Caught in the Moment”
“Stand up, Hook up, Shuffle to the Door!!”
“Halt, there’s something over there”
“Sargent York”
“Coded Message”
“Break the Code”
“Make a Wish”
“The Gathering”
“Caught in the Act”
“Always Remember”
“Lincoln in the Spotlight”

Thanks again for this magnificent group of features!!!

Ken Thomas

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