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Riverdale, United States

I have a passion for capturing the true reality of the moment. Shooting with 35mm film and digital capture in an analog style to bring...

"Raise Up" featured on the Redbubble home page 10/3/09!!!!

Wow, I’m so stoked right now. I’ve seen so many magnificent art works and photographs on the Redbubble home page. To have my photo added to this group of featured work is truly an honor!!!!
This photo was from the first roll of B&W Ilford XP2 that I exposed back in 1996!!! I used a Canon EOS 10S with EF 200mm F2.8L to capture this. My friend Jamaan wanted some cool portraits of himself so I suggested using B&W film. During a break to smoke, I captured this image.

Thanks so much to the staff of Redbubble for this featured honor!!!!

Ken Thomas

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