The Return Part 1

Wow, what adventures, what interesting times I live, what a blessing to merge in other cultures… one so warm, intriguing and generous. So much can be said about my journey first through Bolivia, which I have to say was filled with such diverse scenery, it struck me that I could be travelling through more than one country! From busy city life, to white eternal stretches of salt…pure and enticing, to mountanious hills of rich green woodland, to an extention of the amazon jungle with all the rich wild life that resides there. Of course the highlight of this part of my journey was entering the brown, murky, sulphur smelling river with it’s inhabitants of alligators, piranahas and the reason I did…pink river dolphins!

What a gift to see these shy yet playful creatures, so curious in their approach and once contact was made the games were on… circling and splashing at us. I had travelled many miles for the privilege and was not disappointed!! Our lives in these pertinent moments seem so insignificant it’s as if we have lost sight of the essence! So I am back, with many tales (not tails) and meaningful experiences firmly tucked on my belt and ready to share all. Besides the resounding affect the entire journey has had on me, it has been my great joy to shoot a lot of it and what a gift to be able to share in picture form much that can not be told by human tongue. I submerge myself in the richness of every experience, not wanting the overwhelming feelings of enlightment, adventure and great joy to disappear as one returns to the rigmarole of every day life. My journey continues…

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