Countdown... 5-4-3-2-1...

I’m on a countdown… 5-4-3-2-1-days to Brazil!

Interesting how one piles ones plate as high as possible to see if one can get through it all! What am I wafting on about… busy packing up my house, selling anything that feels it will hold me down… fridge, stove, washing machine and and! Can’t let go my books though and of course other odds and sods. At the same time, packing for my trip to Bolivia and Brazil… sooo exciting. Bolivia to horse back ride, photograph the salt plains into a comma and then up north to swim with pink river dolphins and evidently alligators and pirana. All in a one foul swoop! Bring on high adventure, I’m ready and able!

Then onto Brazil to meet up with 30+ friends for a new year festival over 5 daze, called Universo Parallelo. It’s on a beach with 20 to 30 thousand people!

My intentions for this trip, is to live in the moments between the moments, the moments and walk away with documentation and photographic proof of other walks of life… yes, this will add to my newly evolving story telling career. I step boldly forward and embrace the new experiences with the will to share the experiences… sooooooo…. watch this space, I will return to write and present my photographic journey!

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