Featured - thank you

I have just discovered this avenue to communicate in red Bubble.
I been wanting to acknowledge the my thrill of being featured.

I have been fortunate to have been featured a few times in the groups I belong. I wanted to acknowledge my gratitude, however belated.

There are so many fabulous images entered by very talented photographers, it is an honour to be featured from such a pool of artists.

Finding Red Bubble has been a wonderful outlet for me, as I am in an advanced stage of breast cancer. When I am unable to have my own adventures I am transported from my bed wandering through so many wonderful works of art.

When I do travel I am so keen to come back to Red Bubble and contribute my own works. I feel I am building my legacy in film.

It is wonderful to find comments from fellow Bubblites So thank you to all who have given my such warm encouragement and praise. You will never know how alive it makes me feel and to be part of a vibrant community.

Have fun making more acts of art.

regards Kim

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