Counting my Blessings

First and formost I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Wishing you all many New Year Blessings.I myself have been poorly all over Christmas and New Years and i,m pleased to say I am now getting better. What I thought was a pulled muscle in my back turned out to be a kindney infection. Some medical expert I am lol No good at this self diagnosis thing lol Needless to say I ended up on anti biotics, not a drop of Bacardi has crossed my lips and its about the first time i,ve stayed in on a New Years Eve. Me and hubby brought the new year in with a cuppa lol But I do count my blessings. I watched a documentry about homeless people, some homeless due to family stuff, some who,s parents didnt want to know, some who just want to get out of the rat race. Although I was sat there in a little pain, I felt very lucky that I had all the home comforts, plenty of food in the cuboards and a roof over my head and with the weather in England not really getting over around 5 degrees in the day and dipping down to -2, I sat in the warm and comfort of home. It just made me think about things and although I was moaning about not going out or to any party,s, it made me feel humble. Some may say that people are homeless by there own doing, to idle to get a job ect, ect. That documentry showed it like it is. Some of them were from very proffeshional backgrounds, all sorts of people from all walks of life. People always assume, and they tend to judge a book by its cover. That is so wrong, people are human beings, we all need Love , Kindness and TLC some of them on the documentry have never had that for years and years. Yes I am aware that the sort who sit in the street begging often use the money for booze and drugs but we dont know how they got there, we olny see whats on the surfice. From going on what I watched, yes some are idle and dont want work but to be honest they were in the minority. It certainly gave me food for thought and remember when we see that begger in the street, it may not be his/her doing that they end up like that. Let us feel blessed that most of us have never had reason to be on the streets, and remember that , after all they are human beings like us. God Bless, Kimie x

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