The last few weeks have been strange!:|

My partner decided to(subconciously) dive down a flight of stairs(unconciuosly after the initial trip), stuffing up his knee, luckily although bruised all over and a huge gash on his knee, he escaped serious damage and a knee reconstruction. His knee is healing well, but it has slowed us both down somewhat!

lastly, my Kids went to Cairns for the weekend and came home with a terrible flu, it has infected every member of the family within a few hours of contact! Leaving me with tonsillitis my son with a secondry ear infection we all have a lung infection, the kids are all still sick my partner is bed ridden and im TIRED :| averaging 2 × 2hr sleeps a night since last weekend!
I hear that our local day care director was at work during the week coughing on all the little kids, the school is riddled with coughing kids, why isnt it illegal to go to school or work when affected by communicable illnesses? BLOODY IDIOTS

I miss my bubble :’( and will be back asap to show off what i have learnt about fractals!

Take care people i hope no one else is having the luck i have had in the last few weeks!

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