Merry Christmas to you all

Hi yes don’t faint its me posting something for the first time in months.

I have not held my camera in months to be honest, I have not been inspired or in a mood for using my perspectives in this way, I have been too occupied with coping with life and the children.I sincerly hope this note finds you all in good health and spirits.Mike and I would like to wish you all the very best of times and wish you a merry christmas. I know we all live life by different time scales, its still christmas eve here 10pm. For those who have woken and opened there presants, I hope you got what you wanted, for those like myself I hope you do get what you want…hehe….As fo me I have all I wish for, a healthy family, loving hubby and good health.Take care and best wishes

wow shocked

I have just been sorting out my images and have deleted most of them and while doing this I noticed that the image above Sun lily is my most popular, it has been viewed a staggering 1338 time 162 comments and 49 faves…..ALSO 4 sales 1 laminated print 2 cards and 1 framed print too…….




I can’t belive it. I am so glad that at least something I have photographed has been apprechiated by others.

By the way things are improving but im still not back in the game of bubbling at the moment. I hope this find everyone of you well and happy.

Take care and thanks everyone.

hi folks

just popped in too say im sorry, my mojo has gone and left the building………..

So im not goin to be here for a while, until things improve for me…….

Sendin my best wishes to you all and hope this finds everyone well and happy…..

Take great care.



Take care everyone

I have had a busy few days since returning from holiday. We are nearly repacked and going again today to the blackpool area.

Sorry for not catching up and being here lately but with hoildays and the children being off school time has been an issue.

Take care everyone.


Hello Back for a few days and what a wonderful return it is too!!!!!

I have been in Devon/Dorset for the last 2 1/2 weeks camping, while there we suffered a lot of rain and muddy conditions. We were most fortunate to meet up with Cath and Richard Veal again for a second yr. Thank you both for a lovely day at Buckfest Abbey and the steam railway.

Well after a 5 hr drive home through the wonderful M5 and M6 traffic, I returned To log on to Redbubble and found that I have sold a Mount print copy of There is light at the end of the tunnel

Thank you so much to the mystical purchaser for making me a happy and proud person.

Take care everyone, were back for a few days then going again camping, yes were guttens…lol


just logged on to let you know.......

I am going away tomorrow


I have not been on much due to getting ready and the children being off school.

I hope you all have a fabulous time and keep snapping

Take care (TC)


Sorry about the heading…lol….giggle

free helpful download

Above you will find the link to a free download

I have not tried it yet but it looks interesting.

information below copied from the site=

Free image gallery scripts in php for your web site, easy to install, easy to use, admin panel. Set galleries as public or password to share with friends and family. Example shown below, or visit the download pages for more info – Free un-delete digital photos programme! Very easy to use, free full software download. Providing you have not formatted or over-written your memory card, or drive, this free software will safely recover all the deleted images for you. Brilliant!

Why Photo 400? For every professional photographer on the planet they say there are 400 amateurs. If you are one of “the other 400”, this is the sor

Just want to share this with you all

Hello everyone

Most of us here are budding enthusiasts and aiming to sell our art work.I have found a UK based printing service (some of you may already know of this) that you can design books of your images and sell via the site and you name your profit!!!!!!Its ideal for wedding albums, commision work…..ETC

go check the below link to see

My first book

I have added this to my bubble site as a link as can all of you too… I will also be adding it to my face book account too.

Hope its of use

If anyone is interested let me know, if i refare someone I can earn rewards, Thanks


Photobox Pro sellers accounts




Please read and get back to me

I am Elina Jose from Ivory Coast, I am an orphan and I need your honest assistance to transfer my inheritance fund (USD$5.500, 000.00) which my father deposited in a security company here before his assassination for reason which I will let you know as soon as I hear your quick reply.


Groups and there rules debate

Elo everyone

I am opening this debate to get others views on this subject!

What do others think of groups that have limits?
ie max 10 images

should they have limits?

Have you left groups because they have emposed them?

be honest!!!!

Forum for advice and critique

Hi folks

I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing in the new forum.

Critique Centre

This forum would be a place to add an image of your own that you would be interested in getting some feed back on from others.It could be advice on camera settings, positioning, lighting, effects…..etc

If you add an image be expected to get critique, but we ask our members no unpleasantness please.

What do you think?

go the group TUTORIALS

RB .......Where has everyone gone?????

Hi folks

As many of you know I have been of line for a month, due to holidays and computer problems…….Upon my return ( I have the use of a computer for a couple of days, mines still not fixed…..booooo) I have noticed how quiet it has become. Have many people left or reduced their time here. There is not nearly as many image’s coming through my overview as before…..

Does anyone else see this too or is it just me?

Take care everyone Xxx

I know a secret.................

Shiela pasket has a birhtday tomorrow

Sheila Pasket my fellow co-host

My Face book told me…………..

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Shiela
Happy Birthday to YOU………

hip hip horray

have a good one……………………………………..

Contrasting perceptions first interview

Can I ask those of you who have yet to join the interesting group to do so and go read the interesting interview from our first challenge winner.…


light and dark

Winning image


Chick has been sent the below questions

1. Introduce yourself:
2. What inspires your Photography?
3. What would you say is your main focus within Photography (i.e. Floral Landscape)?
4. What type of camera equipment do you use?
5. Did you, and to what extent, use photo editing software (i.e. Photoshop)?
6. What great tips could you pass along to fellow Photographers?

Below is the resulting interveiw, a very interesting read it is too……



Hi everyone

im currently at my sisters to use her internet for a few mins!!!!

We returned from holiday on Thursday evening to find our computer has a virus that is effecting the internet use. So unfortunatly were net less until its repaired.

I have to go now as one of the children has a party at 11am and its 10.05 now.

I hope your all well?

ps we had a lovely time scotland is a beautiful place to visit.


Hey Folks

I am going away on Sunday for a little under 2 weeks to scotland.…

Can I appologise ahead for my time being so limited due to getting ready and I have meetings over the next couple of days, so im not going to be around much.



I will be coming back with photos of the loch ness monster or so I have been told, Mike has convinced the children there going to see the loch ness monster and they in return have told us we can photograph it!!!!!!!

so for every minus theres a plus

So I hope you all have a couple of fab weeks and I may pop on but not much over the next few days.

Take care of each other and your selfs

ps…. Also can my co hosts do any of my features (if its my turn) and watch the challenges please while im gone…….Thank you X

pps….Can I leave a positive request with you all……………..


How great is this new system, no more group mail

Was it just me or did anyone else hate the amount of group bm’s going out?

I had stopped or vastly reduced the one’s I would send as I was getting sooooo fed up with them, I left so many groups because of them!

This new system is great, you’re bubble mail is just personal stuff now


One happy lady here

sorry I have not been around lately

Hi Everyone

sorry to take up your time but this is just a quick note to say sorry for not being around for the a few days, it is also likely to be for a while longer.We have been so busy with various things.I hope you are all well?

Take care and have a great weekend


Also Thank you to the groups who have featured my artwork

50 things you never knew about me

1. My eyes are light blue
2. I hate fish of any kind the smell turns my stomach
3. I hate exercise, im a real couch potato
4. I love chocolate
5. I enjoy listening to the rain
6. I have poor coordination, I fall over my own feet
7. I Idont bite my nails even though they are short, they just break!
8. I have been married for 10 yrs this yr
9. I dont trust other people easily
10. I have one sister and one brother
11. Im the middle child
12. I can be tactless
13. I am very moralistic
14. I adore flowers (most of you will know this by now)
15. I get addicted to things easily
16. and also quickly loose interest too
17. If I dont like someone, They will quickly notice
18. Im crap with computers
19. I can cook a mean roast dinner
20. I love beef
21. I get hurt easily
22. I dont like cheese
23. I have had an operati…

Despondent, Am I on my own?????


Due to time constraints and despondancy, comments are few.

Am I on my own?

Do others feel this too?….Do you?….go on be honest!

Do you find if you have missed just ONE item of someones work they then stop commenting on yours?

I thought the community here was strong, well bonded. Is this only true if you comment and stoke someones ego, make their art popular, viewed, maybe even appear on the popular pages?

I have been watching this grow recently, becoming more aware of how often this happens and find this so sad for all.

Many others have realised this before me and have left! Is this why they have left? Got despondent?

What do you Think?

Other journals
I Guess I Lost some of My Commentors

My First Birthday here on Redbubble, join my party........giggle


It has been 1 year since I joined Redbubble.

In this time I have made some wonderful friends, seen members come and go. I have seen member profiles stay and they stop uploading and viewing. I have seen members leave due to the economic crisis. At the moment it’s my turn to reduce time here but I have no plans to leave though…..he he….

Im not at the oscars so im not going to thank my mum for getting me out of nappys before it became socially unacceptable as this could have crushed my social standing…lol….What social standing it this you may ask……When I know the answer I will let you know……ha ha…


I will thank all of those members here who have helped me progress and learn and have become good friends and encouraged me to improve myself. It has been 12 months since I placed

Were going to Stirling Scotland for Easter, Does anyone have tips for picturesque places to visit?

Hi everyone

I know its a long shot but we’re going to Stirling Scotland for the easter break in the Caravan for 10 days and would really like some tips for places to visit and interest, from other people who may have been before.

Please note we are going with 4 children, so it would really need to be child friendly and entertaining for all. National trust places, historical interest, views, water falls etc…..

Thank you so much

buyers booth Thank you DawnDavies and Mike (also why do buyers booth not com through your overview anymore?)

Hi everyone

Thank you Mike my lovely hubby for my valentines card this morning

He has made it more special by buying one of my dear friends lovely cards on here DawnDavies

Thank you so much to you both a most thoughtful act

Also buyers booth posts why do they no longer go through your overview?

I have just posted one HERE

Thank you so much

Happy Valentines to all my friends here on redbubble

OMG can you believe the price increase for canon equipment

The price’s have gone up so much!!!!…

We have bought ourselves new cameras last week and ordered a new macro lens too. We can not believe the price increase in just one week, to go buy the same equipment today it has gone up by £300.
The macro lens we have not even got yet (although its ordered and payed for), we ordered it from jessops for £299 and not even a week later in the same shop its £399

Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just so shocked I had to share………..

ps I have not commented today as I have a belly bug so dont feel upto sitting in front of the computer for a few hrs…. So sorry, I shall hopefully feel better soon…. Were also away next week for 4 days, were taking the kids to pontins for school break. so have a fab week, I know here in the uk most kids are off so

wanted please read and offer help

Hello everyone
Would anyone be interested in starting a group with me?…

I hear you ask not another one but this one will not require too much. While I was away at the weekend we came upon a small quaint cottage that was in fact a tea rooms in the summer and is owned and run by the National Trust it got me thinking, both Mike and I have been members of the national Trust for a few yrs. The National trust have some of this countrys most attractive buildings and gardens open to the public for a small fee of course I would like to give bubble members the opportunity to showcase them in one place.Would anyone be interested in co hosting this group with me, I would like there to be quite a few other, as I have found with other groups hosting can be time consuming but if the responsibility is

going away for a two days in the morning

Hi folks…

Just to let you know we will not be here over the next couple of days. We are going to landudno north Wales for a child free time (out first in ten yrs). woohooWere taking the cameras of corse we plan to go tour the area. We have been this way many times before and its not too far from home, only 1 1/2 hrs in the car. There is so much for us to see. We may go to Conway castle, or Betwsy coed for sure as we would like to return child free to have time to take pictures of swallow falls, last time at xmas was not easy as the children got bored as there is not much for them to see or do there, also its not very safe at this time of yr as there is lots of ice and they may fall and get hurt.So you may see lots of pics from us when we return as we hope to get some good slow shutter shot

Hi everyone im opening a discussion journal as no one is able to upload come and join in

Elo How has everyones weekend been?

We have had abusy one!!!!Last night I organized for my husband a surprise 40th. His Birthday is actually next week which help to make it a surprise, so he did not suspect anything………..We had a fabulous night I kept it from the children as I thought they would not be able to keep it to them selfs……So What have you all been doing?


Our other account please go view

Davitt photography IPA

Hi folks can you go check our joint bubble site

We have started a joint account for both mike and I.This has been started as we have sold some home made cards with our photographs in, here in our home town. Most of the photographs have been of local landmarks and flowers. I have been making handmde cards for a couple of yrs now and sold some in the community but our interests and time is now leaning more towards the photography, so we have had a stamp made with the joint bubble site details on and our email address to lead people to us via here so they have the opportunity to see all of our art.Davitt photography IPA

We hope this will inable our art to be more seen locally in our community.Thanks everyone, please let us know what you all think?Also we have some cards printed, ZAZZLE have an offer if you order 100 business cards you on

Thank you to everyone

Hi to all my bubble friends

It has been some time since I last posted a journal thanking everyone and reading Richard Veals journal has prompted me to do this.I hang my head in shame as it has been a while

Thank you so much for supporting me and the lovely words of encouragement you all post on my images, I apprechiate the support and kind comments from you all. It is so nice to have others apprechiate the work that I try my best to produce.

Advice on lens for new camera ordered, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN


Mike and I have ordered new cameras, Mike already has a dslr but has decided to get the same as me so we can share lens.We have ordered 2 Canon 450D with 2x 18-200mm lens.Is anyone able to give me advice/recommend a macro lens that is resonably priced but good quality for this camera.All help apprechiated.

Thank you everyone

Our joint bubble site
Davitt photography

Cool groups below to go join
candid photographs of friends and family
Black with a hint a colour
Buyer’s R Us…

hello all can anyone help with some advice on cameras

Hi Everyone

How are you all?I have not been on much over this last week but on the plus side I have completed one of the eight sections of my nvq3.


But I have neglected my friends here and commented on nothing


So sorry about missing everyone works and I know I will not catch up, infact its going to continue as I now have to start on the next section 2 of 8. But on the plus side when I have finished my nvq3 I will have completed and be able to move on.

Also I am hoping to get a new camera we have been putting off buying in the next few months, I am still undecided, I love having live view so I am torn between two the panasonic g1 or the olympus E-520.
Does anyone have either of these and are they able to give me there opinions.

Thanks everyone take care of each other

so sorry for not commenting

Hi everyone

So sorry for not leaving comments over the last few days, I have been so busy doing course work, looking after the children…i have also got the plumber in fitting an under the stairs cloak room, with the increase in numbers its difficult to go the loo without booking an appointment…

take care everyone have a great weekend


New bubblesite

Hi everyone

And myself have started a bubble account jointly.Davitt photographyWe have done this in an attempt to aid our progress jointly as a team. More often than not, we go on photo shoots together and our images are very similar to each other. We feel jointly we can show in this site, work that we are both enjoy and focus on our favourite or specific type of images. We do have some areas of interest that is different also.We also have fellow friends here that will comment on both of our works and they can be very similar in appearance.We shall still be using our individual accounts also but will use one too.Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great evening whats left of it, or morning, day night depending where you are.

please read, thank you

Hi everyone…

So sorry If I have missed your work over the last few days, I have been so busy with family stuff, dont they just get in the way of the bubble……….lolOnly messing we have had family visiting, so have been more busy than usual. Also over the next week I have course work to catch up on so its going to continue.

keep up the good work and please read the below I have just sent this out via my groups (so sorry if u have work waiting to go into them also as they have been neglected by me also)


please read the full bubblemail as there is two jounals posted that I know of we all should read.

Thank you to you both for making us aware.

_I have taken a serious action of making sure that all of my Group here and all others will please send

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait