help me please

Hi Everyone

Can anyone help

I have created the card below from an image I have taken and a program on the computer which allows me to use shapes and add words,

BUT the edges are being cut off if u view the card here on redbubble, but on the main page its all visible

what do I need to do?



omg omg omg

I am so pleased and honered, thank you to the wonderful person who has bought this. who ever it is mmmmwwwwwhhhh a big kiss for you



Its xmas here in the uk it has just gone twelve oclock.

I have just done my father christmas bit and left all the prezzys out, poor mike in work.

merry christmas


Busy busy busy

Hi everyone

just a quick note to apologise for not commenting lately and for the next week or so, the children are off school and mikes on nights so I have my hands full, even as im typing I have children asking for my attention……………..So please im not gone just busy, also group submissions will be limited also. I have been commenting on the christmas journals but images I have not had enough time, so sorry.

Wishing you all the best for chrismas and the new yr.

woohoo sold a card

woohoo everyone

I just wanted to share my excitement with you all.I have sold a card today. wwwoooooooooooohooooooooooo

I am happy dancing right now

A new friend to me is Michael J Armijo has made me a happy lady today, please for those of you who have yet to meet him go via link and check his work.

Thank you to everyone

Hello Everyone…

I would just like to take a couple of minutes to thank each and everyone of the wonderful people who I have come to call friends.When I come on to redbubble daily to check my many group bms (lol) and view the art work my friends have taken a great effort to produce I feel uplifted! The feeling of acceptance, welcome, UNDERSTANDING and having people who have similar interests to myself helps me to complete each day and think YES its worth it, I have had a great day.The groups I help to host have worked well to date we have had no unpleasantness at least nothing significant or to unpleasant. I can’t wait to get home when im out to see how everyone is, see the latest work, I love reading the journals. Im usually hoping to see tips from my fellow enthusiasts.So from me to you

sorry im a bit behind/ ok im very behind And Thank you

Hi everyone

Just to let you all know, I have tried to at least view all your work but The weekend and the back end of last week It has been so busy for me I have not had time to comment. I will try to get back on tomorrow and catch up but I have my nephew tomorrow and may not find the time. I have also got to type up my NVQ3 to hand over on Tuesday to be assessed. Plus two of my kids are not too well and maybe off school also!!!!!!!!Thanks everyone for taking the time to view my work and keep all your wonderful work coming.

Take care. kim

BEWARE spam bm's


I have just recieved the below bm from a person called lovejoyIt says

joyawa86 at yahoodotcom
My name is Joy,how is your day,i hope all is well with you,
i saw your profile today and i cherish the content, because you posses all the good qualities i have been looking forward to see in a person,so please i will like to know you more,i will be glad to receive a mail from you so that i can send my pictures to you, here is my e_mail address( am expecting your mail,remember it takes a minute to find a special person.
yours miss Joy

bet its hackers or sends viruses


love to you all kim

Thank you for the features over the last week

Thank you for the features over the last week.

wooohooo happy dancing

was featured in statues and such 3hrs ago

was featured in live love dream yesterday

was featuredin extreme close ups yesterday

was featured in live love dream 2 days ago

was featured in bits and pieces 4 days ago

was featured in squirrels 4 days ago

was featured in That one great shot 4 days ago

Thank you to the hosts for the lovely compliment

Also thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view and comment on my work. your all wonderful people…………you rock




Have you ever typed your own name into a google search????Well I have and came up with nothing, typed my address parents freinds details in (to be nosy) to see what it would return, I saw nothing!!!!!!Well today I typed my name in to google kim davitt and kimberley davitt and in return my bubble site came to the top of the list along with many of my images……………what a suprise this was, its almost like reqognition………………..go have a go see if your name works or is their, silly question really as I am convinced it will be………………………


Also I found a new profile on here today which is probably worth a view for those of you who want help to sell there art…..selling

Im off to bed now, got an early morning getting 4 kids ready for school.

take care and bless you all

kim xx

Black and white Flowers hope your not fed up with them, please let me know

Hi everyone who is reading this.

May I please say thanks first for taking the time to read this and viewing my images and leaving me some wonderful comments.It means so much to me that so many people who use this site are so lovely and supporting to others, be it in your views comments or support with passing on your knowledge to other people,also especially me it has helped me heeps.Thank youWould you please let me know if my black and white flowers are getting to much, I find Im really pleased with the results of them. I have quite a few more to add over the next few days, I dont want to annoy others by adding them all at once.

Thank you and take care and enjoy the week.

Bubble-Holics Anonymous group (a must for us all)

You have got to go join this group

Bubble-Holics Anonymous

This group is for those of us with a problem, there is loads of self help available on the net depression, alcoholics, drugs etc…………….BUT no where for help with your addiction to redbubble.

Join in and admit. Write a journal, start on your journey to self help or at least admit to your addiction. Do not be ashamed we all have the same addiction.

I stand up in front of my computer
Right hand over my chest

“Hi my name is kim and I pledge my addiction to redbubble and This is my first meeting, I have been addicted since march 2008 and spend all my waking time on here.”

Struggling with my addiction to redbubble

Hi does anyone else spend far to much time on redbubble

I have lost track of my watchlist and the friends I have made over the last few months because Of moderating, creating challenges answering questions, features etc…………I dont even have the time to welcome all new group members it has become so vast

To top it off I have neglected one group more than others and the co host has decided to step down, my co host has been wonderful and is justified in the decission as I have taken on more than I can handle and I have not been fair or just in not giving the group my time. sorry doesn’t really cut it but I am

With everything that has been going on in our lives lately time is a valuable commodity, and what spare time I have is taken up on here, to much of my time to be honest. My Camera is coll

Back from holiday

Hi Everyone

We are back form our hols

……..We hope you have all been well

………………..I know Im not going to be able to comment on all the work I have missed but I will try to take the time to go view them all………..

The children had a ball/whale of a time, the two boys went on stage and charmed the blue coats. The new charges told us they had not seen the lights at blackpool before, Mark was sooooo pleased as there was a section of Dr Who lights. It was very cold but the opportunity to ride on a tram soon had them all forgetting about it and they all gazed through the windows.

Take care everyone

so sorry

Hi everyone,Can I just say so sorry for the lack of comments over the last couple of weeks. We now have our second foster child move in, shes a lovely pleasant child but is still adjusting as is the whole household.I have also started to an NVQ3. So as you can imagine my time is limited. I really miss you all and the community here and hope to have more time to keep up with my watchlist.

Take care of yourselfs and each other. I shall drop you all a line when I can.

WOoohHOoo sold a card


Just jumping around the living room at the moment as I have just sold a card. The person has remained anonomus so I am not able to thank them in person so I hope they read this and accept my gratitude. Thank you for making this lady happy………………

This has been a great week for me, even though I have not been on here that much this week due to commitments I have also had 3 features in the last week.

The end in the group Amazing graves

llily sun in the group not so fine art of photography

sunflower…1 was featured and avatar for the group flower and foliage

so fab week for me

Thanks everyone for the support and help I have recieved from you all since joining.
Take care and I hope you all have a fab week like me.


Sorry everyone but I felt the need to spread my joy………….…

This is the group bm I received from the flowers and foliage group host
My image sunflower…1 has been featured and is the presant group avatar

Michelle Legg wrote you a BubbleMail about 8 hours ago:
This is a group BubbleMail, sent to all members of Flower and Foliage Detail.
SUBJECT – Name change for group and other stuff.

Good morning everyone

Well, first off – we’ve cracked the 300 members mark!!

I’ve decided to change the title of the group to “Flower or Foliage Detail”

Recently I’ve been having to reject quite a bit of work of purely Foliage which is a shame as the detail and photos were lovely work. So – if that was you, can you please re-submit your work and remember – only two pieces of work per 24 hours. I’m still having som

Do you want to sell your art?....Then read this

Hello everyone

……………..twrphotography ……………………..
came up with the idea and asked me to help start a group to help artists sell their art work here on redbubble…………..

We love redbubble for the community but also hope to sell a few things as well do many others on redbubble and we hope this is a way for us all to acheive this.Please take a few minutes of your time to go view and joinWishing you many sales-————————-BUYER R US -—————————

Thank you

To all of you, for taking the time to view and to leave lovely comments which I really value. Our time has been vastly reduced over the last few weeks. Also for the support many of you show to Mike and I as we have been so busy lately

I would also like to thank Irene who has almost single handedly been running the Candid photographs of friends and family group because Mike and I have been so busy.Our new charge is settling in well and our other charge maybe moving in over the next few weeks. Its going well, it is challenging at times but so much more rewarding.As some of you may have large familys you will understand why my time on here is vastly reduced, we have gone from a 2 children family to 4 and I also mind my nephew for my sister while she is at work. so make that 5……. lolSo thank

Hello all

Hello everyone

As some of you may know we have been so busy lately……..We started with the decorating. Then we have a new member to the family. Were foster careers and our first new charge has moved in last sunday 7th, also he had to go for an op today so ive not had time to spend on here to comment. The other new charge will be coming to stay for the weekend also. So its just been go go go. I have been on to talk to co hosts over various things, but ive not had time to comment on all the new work added.So im so sorry but over the next 2/3 weeks so much is changing for us and I will try to call in upon occasion and look you all up.HAPPY SNAPPING from me your friend Kim

YAHOOO ive sold a matt print

Yaaaaa Hooooooo

I have just sold the above image in matt print.WWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOO

To say im pleased is an understatement

I dont know who it is but thanks soooo muchhhyou have made one lady sooooo happy..


Hi everyone

Just to let you all know im not going to be on here much over the next few days/ maybe week.Its Mike and Mine anniversary today 9yrs, also im at a funeral tomorrow and some of u may know were foster careers and we have just been asked would we take 2 children in addition to our own two.One is moving in on sunday so its busy busy for us.So if I dont comment on your work Im so sorry in advance.Take care all you lovely people.Kim.

OH MY GOD omg omg


To the wonderful person who has just made my evening by buying 2 cards from me……I don’t know who it is but if your reading this you have made one lady HAPPY.I have received a bubble mail from the person who has purchased them it is as follows…

“I love your work an am happy to be used as a reference in knowing quality when I see it xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox”
The person is oiseau please go view.

This is a big confidence booster and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



As you know if you have been watching me for a while, I change links on my profile page to other wonderful artist on here.

I believe in spreading the love and as there is so many of you with wonderful art, I feel compelled to ask others who may not have noticed them before to go view.PLEASE SPARE A FEW MINUTES TO GO VIEW THERE WORKS

May I also introduce friends I have made on here and please go and introduce yourself and view his work BARNSIS
May I also introduce other friends I have had the fortune to make here would you please take the time to go view there work DAWN DAVIES and also STEPHANYK

50 boring things you never wanted to know about me

1. Do you like blue cheese?…

NO with a capitol NO

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?

No I have never wanted to though, my friends asked me too when I was a teen.

3. Do you own a gun?

No but my son owns a water pistol does this count?

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?

Never heard of sonic? Does anyone know?

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?

Yes I worry about everything

6. Do you like hot-dogs?

YES……… with onions and tommy Sauce

7 Favorite Christmas Song?

All of them, I love christmas

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Anything really, its usually tea as Mike makes one as soon as he gets up.

9. Can you do push-ups?

No and I have no desire to either.

10. What’s your favorite meal?

mmmmhhhhh Im undecided, I love Sunday roasts, I also love a meal I

Thank you

May I just take a small amount of everyones time.

Thank you For all the visits, support, help, friendships I have had the pleasure to recieve since joining the site. The wonderful comments are a bonus.I know I dont reply to all of the comments I receive, this is so I have the time to comment on everyone else’s wonderful work.I have taken up enough of your time, I just wanted to say.

New Challenge feature in groups


Can any one explain to me how many of the groups will have the new challenge option.Or is it a feature the group host has to apply for.Does the group need to be long standing/ have large number of members etcdoes anyone know the answer??PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMEONE

please read


Some of you may know I change the names and links for fellow bubblers on my overview.They have wonderful work and are well worthy of viewing

May I also introduce friends I have made on here and please go and introduce yourself and view the wonderful work poupoune
May I also introduce other friends I have had the fortune to make here would you please take the time to go view there work "david campbell ": also rebecca brann


sorry im a bit behind

Hi im going to be a bit behind over the next couple of weeks!!!!!

I have promised my children I would decorate there bedrooms when we returned from our holiday, so ive now started.I didn’t realise how much work is involved!!!

emptying 10 yrs of junk opps sorry treasure, cleaning, sanding, painting, taking up carpets, laying down new flooring, furniture removal.

most im having to do on my own as mikes returned to work and he works 10hr shifts, as well as taking care of 2 children cooking……

so far ive emptyed the room, today ive got to go shopping and sand the walls. im hoping to start the painting today.

wish me luck happy snapping everyone

take care kim

please read

Hi everyone

As some of you may know, I have started to change my overview.

I before going away added links to fellow bubblers overviews via my overview.

I have changed them today to other wonderful artists.

please take the time to go and view there work.

May I also introduce friends I have made on here and please go and introduce yourself and view her work stephaniek
May I also introduce other friends I have had the fortune to make here would you please take the time to go view there work gwenda oxley also rebecca brann



Were back from our hols

Hi everyone we have returned from our hols…

Nearly three weeks along the south coast.

Even though the weather has not been that fab really, we had a wonderful time, we did manage to spend a small amount at the beach with the children, much to thier delight.

We also were fortunate enough to meet up with a couple of our fellow bubblers RICHARD VEAL and his lovely wife CATHERINE VEAL They were the most welcoming and lovely couple, we had a fabulous day.We left our children with my father for the day and went to Dawlish to meet up with them both. We had the most relaxing day. We walked around the village had a lovely pub lunch, and to top it off we had wonderful company to guide us around. Its just a shame we where unable to stay longer as there is a wonderful carnival taking place there tomor

going away for a three weeks

Hi everyone

Just to let you all know mike and I are not ignoring you, but we are preparing to go away. We go away for three weeks starting tomorrow.

Were sorry for not viewing and commenting over the last 24 hrs as we have been packing the caravan ready to leave.

We wish you all a wonderful 3 weeks.

thanks from Kim and Mike

Im going to try help other rb's

Hello again

Please excuse the title its to draw people in … .he he

Im going to change the links on my home page to two new lovely people who have wonderful work.

I hope you dont mind it has been a couple of days since I posted them there and im changing them to….

Catherine Veal and her husband Richard Veal

Shirley Hirst and the lovely Hilary Dougill
Also I have added YOOL whos macros are incredible.

Some of you will already know some of these wonderful artists but those who dont please go and view their wonderful work, its insipational.

Thank you everyone for taking the time an read this and visit the above links


Im going to try help other rb's

Hi I have noticed that other rb’s post links on there overview of others on here also. I have already done this for mike my hubby and just thought it would be a great way of spreading each others images.There is so many lovely people on here with wonderful work and I think its a way for us all to view people’s work we may not have seen before.I find it so time consuming to keep up with the peoples work ( which I love to do) in my overview to find the time to go see someone new’s work but If I goand view just one each day or other day, im able to see the wonderful images they add and there technics.You maybe the same and I would just like to encourage everyone to take the time to see one person new each week. I find im learning from others on here and would like to show my appreciation so…





Words can not fully express how pleased I am at the moment. Rebecca has lifted my spirits greatly by paying me the biggest compliment. Can I just compliment Rebecca as she also has some fabulous images and is herself a wonderful artist. PLEASE VIEW THE CARD BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE OF REBECCAS WORK.

When I joined rb following my hubby mike davitt I had only just started to appriechiated the art of photography. I have always had an appriechiation for art and had started to seek what suits me best. I have been making home made cards for over 2 yrs now but Mike had found the interest in photography first and at every opportunity wished to go out to take photos. Through him I gained the interest a

how candid does art have to be to be classed as candid?

One of my images I uploaded today was rejected by candid phography

I thought the candid photography group was for candid captures????
the image i took was candid as you can see below.

is it me or are some groups hosts take this a bit to seriously??

the reason being

: “We think the work may be better suited to other groups. We’ll be happy to consider other works you submit to the group, provided they meet the guidelines and content requirements for inclusion.”

Please feel free to comment

thanks everyone kim

woo hoo Im FEATURED in live love dream

Can I just say thank you to the live love dream hosts for featuring my passion flower image

This is a big complement.

Considering photography is new to me the support and acceptance here is wonderful. thanks to all the beautiful people I have come to know here on rb.

Thank you

Thanks everyone for viewing my work and taking the time to comment.

I have only had my camera for a few months and still learning, and to have the compliments I have recieved from you all has helped me to have confidence to persue my interest.

I don’t reply to comments I try to return the favour as best I can by returning the complement and view your work respectfully.

May I also thank the people who have added me to there watch list, this is the biggest favour to be bestowed.

Thank you all

goodnight and god bless

kindest regards kim

Is rb having a bad day

Is rb having a bad day today????

I have uploaded a few pictures and some have appeared instantly some later and comments are all over the place. The format is all over the place?

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Can't view or comment for a few couple of days


I have just come on to rb to apologise and let you all know we have not got the time to view and comment today and maybe the next few days also.We have so much on and do not have the time.we may find the odd minute but will be unable to fit you all insorry everyone

kim and mike

sorry im a bit behind

sorry eveyone if i have not been and seen ur work im a bit behind.

I hope to catch up soon but ive not got the time to do it today or maybe even tomorrow.

very sorry everyone

have a great weekend


Having a clear out

Hi everyone

Im just letting you know im going to delete some of my images over the next couple of days.Thank you for all the lovely comments and faves that they may have, but i seem to have so many pictures at the mo and theres nothing worse than going through other peoples work and there is pages and pages to view.

Thank you everyone

thank you there may be more yet!!!!!!!!!

woo hoo Im FEATURED

I have just noticed I have been featured again this time in stillness speaks

special thanks to beth for choosing the image.

so im spreading my joy hope u all get some in return

thanks you for all your support and comments kim xx

woo hoo Im FEATURED


In the last 8 hours I have had 3 pictures featured

the eyes centre (london eye) in love, live and dream

both port sunlight pictures in scenery

this is wondeful

5 featured in one week


thank you to every one for the wonderful support and comments

kindest regards kim

woo hoo Im FEATURED

The above picture has been featured in the group stillness speaks

Im so pleased

I have to confess this is not a great shot it was one of the first I have taken. go figure!!!!

Im sitting here prejecting all my positive energy to you all

hugs Kim

going out

Hi everyone

Just to let to let you all know, Im not ignoring you all today I am taking the children out to the kite festival at New Brighton.

have a good day.

new person has wonderful photos

hi I have just beenlooking through the new photos added and came across this new person who has some wonderful flowers with reflections shots

Just thought you may wish to go see



wishing you all a wonderful day


opinions please

Hi everyone
I have emailed redbubble with a proposal for a new group

Can you tell me if you think the idea of a new group aimed at flowers in macro a good idea.

There is various flowers groups and macro but not one catering for both.

I since started taking snaps find myself drawn to macro flower shots.

What do you think????

Hi update on my dads heart attack !!!!!!!!

Hi everyone

My step dads doing well, hes had some tests done over the end of last week and the results are positive. He does not heart desease, theres no harding of the arturies and his colesterol is normal. They have told us he should make a full recovery within eight weeks, there will still be some scaring (only minimal) but theres only one reason for him to have another one, so If he stops smoking he should not have another heart attack.As you can imagine this has been wonderful news for the family, in particual my mum.

Unfortunatly I have to stay away for the time being as Im full of cold and ache all over, so I shall try to catch up over the next few days.

thanks everyone for your kind wishes and words.
Its lovely to have so much support from you all.

hugs kim

Sorry I have been off line please view for an explanation

Hi everyone

Im very sorry,You may or may not have noticed I have not been around for a few days?My step dad had a heart attack on Thursday.So I have been unable to get to the computer as I have been spending my time with my mum, giving her some support.

The prognosis is good though hes had numerous testsa nd hes going to be ok.

I will not have a lot of time over the next few days until he returns home and even then as they will still need help, to get on the computer. so im not ignoring you all I amjust busy at the mo.

hugs to u all

kim x

going away for a few days

Hi everyone

Mike and I are taking the children to visit my dad for the week, were leaving today. we were unable to view and comment yesterday as we have been so busy getting ready, also today will be the same.

We shall try to get on here over the next week but it will not be that often unfortunatly.

so please do not take offfense if we dont comment its not because we dont like ur work its because we will not have time to keep up

hugs to all have a great week

take care
KIm and Mike



I have had another picture featured YAHOO YIPPEE

This one was in yellow fever

Im starting to walk around in a constant state of joy, between everyones encouragement and lovely comments and now twice featured.

This is a real boost to my confidence and I would like to thank everyone for there support in making me believe in myself.

thanks you

RB is so slow today so will catch up later

hi everyone

rb is so slow today and its taking so long to just change page nevermind upload, so im going off line and hopefully get back on later to find its improved.

Is anyone else have problems?

I know its not our internet as ive been on other sites and it behaving normally.

so take care catch up later




I have been featured on the castle magic group home page

how pleased am I

I shall be walking in cloud nine all day now

Hope you dont mind I had to share my joy

wishing everyone a great day

love a very pleased kim

mothers day WHY??????

Is anyone able to enlighten me???/

While viewing other peoples work ther seems to be an influx of mothersday tributes/photos/cards

Why is this

Have I missed something I thought mothers day was months ago

At least it was when i got my cards form my children?

thanks kim

so sorry

hi to everyone

Im so sorry I have not viewed or commented on other peoples work over the past 2 weeks, we have been so busy with the children. One of the foster children this week has returned to live with there mum, which is wonderful new for there family. This has made our last two weeks more difficult than usual. We shall be sad to see her go but were also happy that shes gone home also.

hope to have more time soon to view.

My new camera has arrived YAHOO so I shall be busy familiarising myself with it and taking some photos which will also delay my catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take care everyone


I'm back

sorry everyone we have been busy the last few days and have not been online. sorry if I have missed peoples work.

will try to catch up

thanks kim

Shocked Stunned and pleased

I have today hit 3000 views

Its so unbelievable that I who has very little knowledge and is still learning have been visited by so many people.

Thanks you to everyone who has taken the time to view and comment you have encouraged me greatly, also to those who have faith in me and added me to there watchlist.

Not that the hubbys pleased as its cost him as hes just ordered me a new camera. I’m only messing hes very supportive and is very pleased i am so enthusiastic. He has a companion when hes on a mission for the next photo the only snag is we want to go different places. He loves nature, animals and night shots, where as i like architecture and flowers.

Thanks to everyone at RB
Take care and big hugs from >>> Kim


Mike has just ordered me a new camera. I didn’t want an slr but I wanted to have as much scope to work with as possible. He has bought me a Panasonis dcm fz18. It has great zoom capability and super macro. So you will probably be seeing some macro shots next week. I can’t wait till it gets here.…

I hope you dont mind I just had to share my joy.

- 28mm wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with 18x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 28-504mm)
- MEGA O.I.S., Intelligent ISO Control, Face Detection, Intelligent Scene Selector and Quick AF work simultaneously
- Venus Engine III: High image quality, high speed response, low energy consumption
- High-resolution 2.5" LCD incorporates the Intelligent LCD function
- Easy Manual Operation
- HD Photo: By simply inserting an SD/SDHC Memory Card into an HDTV

Choosing my next camera

Hello everyone…

I admit im no budding photographer, I just find that taking the time to look for my next picture. This is the best part for me. I am looking at the world and my envioronment from a different angle and fully enjoying myself doing so. The world we live in is is both beautiful and upsetting as we as a race are not giving the world the best treatment it deserves.
Anyway i’m moving from my request, I currently have a 3mp hand me down and I would like to move upwards but not to an slr. I would like to stay with one which will take sd cards also.
I have seen one im interested in and hope to get advice from others and who better to ask than all of you for advice on cameras. The one I have seen is a Panasonic lumix DCM FZ18 it has various features and is simple to use. its light no

2 GB SD CARD £7.49

just thought I would let everyone know in case they wanted to go grab a bargain. we bought two of them today from morrisons they had them on offer.




going on holiday

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know were going away on our hols tomorrow for a week.

We are not ignoring all your works but are unable to view them.

mike aka mikim9648 and I, we are taking the children away in the caravan for the next week to north yorkshire. we are hoping to get the opportunity to take some photos while there.

Wishing all rb a great Easter

redbubble welcome (newby)

Can I ask all the wonderful people here on redbubble to take the time and welcome this new person. geoffellis.

thank you kim

if anyone knows how to create a link this would be brill

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait