comments why are they no longer working

Hi everyone

I know I have not been actively commenting for some months and today I decided to comment on a journal. Does anyone know why I was not able to save my comment unless I saved it to my computer? WHAT THE HECK?Are you no longer able to comment anymore????

I ask all to view this message "IMPORTANT"

As I do not know how to post utube videos I can only add a link to it GO HERE

A member of bubble is posting IMHO offensive images and is getting full support from bubble. A fellow member also disgusted has posted this video on u tube via this link u will find the offending member who is adding the imagesPLEASE PLEASE GO SEE

Made a sale

Can I take this opportunity to thank the person who bought a large framed print of my photograph of Conway Castle at night

This is my biggest sale to date.Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. To have an image of mine bought to be shown is the biggest compliment anyone can pay.

oooohhh please share tips and advice.

I have been asked this evening if I would do the honor of taking a friends wedding photographs for her next yr.As I have never taken any pictures of a wedding before and its a friend. I am willing to offer to do it so as to gain experience and maybe a portfolio for reference, if im asked again.Please share with me some advice or links that can give me some ideas on angles ect……….??

ps im not too good with photo editoring…….I use picassa only.

Please please any help welcomeI hope this finds you all well.


please please please

Hi everyone

I am participating in the forth coming Race for life in a few weeks. This wonderful charity use thier resourses to help all aspects of needs nessessary for the fight against CANCER. This can be laboritorys, hospitals and foremost familys effected.Please spare a small amount to support myself, my 11yr old Daughter, 10 yr old niece and my mother who at the moment feels very stongly towards this cause due to her husband (my step-dad) undergoing chemo in a bid to over come this illness.Thank you for your support, please follow the link below to donate.Kim, Meg, Jaimie and Dianes online sponsorship form

PS did I mention you can pay via PAYPAL


Please read this will benefit many

A friend on my watch list has put in a suggestion to RB admin and its currenty ranked 5th ……..but it needs to be noticed more, voted on and shared.I ask you to forward his message on, the proposal will benefit all RB users. He has requested that a blocked button be added. This will enable everyone who wishes to stop someone from viewing or commenting on thier work. Has some one copied or replicated a work of yours? With this you can block them so they can not do it again. Has someone harrassed you or left you unpleasant messages. some one added you to thier watchlist but they seem a bit suspicious to you?I personally think a block button would be helpfull under these curcumstances or even to be able to request someone get blocked for one reason or another. As of yet the facility is not a…

has any one else noticed?

Hi Folks

Has anyone else noticed that people have fell of their watch list?I am now wondering if others have found this, I know I have not deleted people from mine so if it appears im not watchin you, please be reassured I have not removed you, if im not apparently watching you let me know.When I went through it there were people who I know watched me and there name had gone but when I went and looked at who they where watching im there?Am I on my own???

Piece to all, have a lovely evening

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