Before I lose it on society and do it so violently

So yesterday I was watchiung this documentary and it pissed me off so much. It was called “Middle school confessions” and first they where talking about gay kids in middle school and interviewing them. There was this place, donno where, which was like an after school group for gay kids to come and hang out and meet other gay kids because most of them had trouble in school and not many friends. I thought that that was realy great. I know that they live somewhere in the suburbs. Then they jumped to this “outsider”. I don’t know if it was the same area, but the kids were horrible. He is an angry 13 year old and gets into alot of fight. He is a “redneck” and prides himself on it, but says that he is in no way a racist. So as I was watching is they where pretty much focusing on his anger problem and the fact that kids don’t like us. They sat down with a group of kids that weren’t fond of his asking them what they thought of him. Each one of them said things like “He is dirty”. The thing that pissed me off the most was that the one young girl said “He is just not clean. We wear things like ambercrombi and fitch, and his is like wal-mart”. After hearing that I just wanted to jump threw the screan and give her a big clap in the face of reality. I didn’t know kids where still like that. I guess that me living in the city and being exposed to things, for example bums and beggers, and knowing that not many people have alot of money around my area that things like that weren’t said when I was in middle school. The most kids picked on me for was being fat. And hey if thats all you have to throw at me thats fine. When everyone found out I was into girls in middle school it wasnt that hard. It was more curiosity than ignorance. They already knew enough about gays to not be so cruel about it. I guess living in the suburbs is a totally different place. Maybe if we got rid of all the brand names and everything was sold at wal-mart or k-mart we wouldnt have this problem! Maybe if we didn’t have parents teaching kids to be snobby and we didn’t have music that disses someone because they don’t have pounds of jewerly or money. It realy makes me sad that kids 13 yrs old can do the most damage in a persons like with just words. And the fact that they think it is necessary. Well guess that is it for my ranting right now.

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